6 Magnificent Sushi Rice Cookers for Perfect Sticky Rice at costco

From cooking rice to preparing sushi, there is no shortage of ways a rice cooker can make your life easier. But when it comes to making the difficult-to-make sushi recipe that features sticky and starchy Japanese short grain white or brown raw (sushi) rice, you need a specialized model in order for this dish come out right.

Rice cookers are not just excellent at adding convenience factor into any kitchen; they also offer many different uses such as being able to prepare foods beyond simply boiling up some fried Asian delicacies like congee or jook from scratch with ease while still retaining flavor! However, if you want delicious results without much hassle then having one equipped specifically for handling the delicate task of making those complex dishes will

No one wants to spend the time cooking rice only for it to come out burnt or undercooked. Thats why weve put together a list of some excellent sushi rice cookers! These devices ensure that youll never again have soggy, mushy rice and they are all available at reasonable prices if you need something quick-and-easy. Our top pick is the Zojirushi NP -NVC18 Sushi Rice Cooker as its engineered with fuzzy logic technology which always ensures perfectly cooked meals everytime . This smart device makes multiple types of dishes and comes in handy when life gets busy since everything can be left on autopilot while your family enjoys dinner around their table each night

Editor’S Choice : Zojirushi Np-Nvc18 – At Costco

Editor’S Choice : Zojirushi Np-Nvc18 - At Costco

The zojirushi np-nvc18 rice cooker is a state of the art piece of equipment that one might find in only the most skilled and talented sushi chefs. This device utilizes its patented “fuzzy logic” technology, guaranteeing every batch to be perfect for your taste buds with nothing but consistency from dish to dish!

The np-nvc18 is a modern rice cooker that will not only prepare the perfect serving of sushi rice, but also all other types of white or brown rice. It can be programmed to cook with your preference for taste and texture in mind, including pre-set options like sweetened porridge and mixed grain dishes. The extended soaking time option makes it easy to add extra flavor when making any type of dish that features undercooked grains such as sushi rolls!

The fuzzy rice cooker also has a number of cooking and heating settings. There is an option for making less steam, which can be helpful if someone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma. You may also choose the Scorch setting to toast the bottom layer slightly with golden crispy flakes (and make it more delicious!).

The Fuzzy Rice Cooker by HaiHai comes equipped with many different options so you’ll never have to worry about what’s best for any given meal! The machine includes modes like “less-steam” that are useful when one person on your team lives with allergy issues, as well as scorching features perfect for those who love crunchy textures at dinner time.

Most Versatile : Cuckoo Crp-P0609S – At Costco

Most Versatile : Cuckoo Crp-P0609S - At Costco

The cuckoo crp-p0609s is one of their more premium quality models, equipped to take on any rice cooking job which, not surprisingly includes sushi rice. The company has made a name for itself with its quality cookers that customers are slowly coming to know and trust.

This rice cooker features an electric heating plate and pressure to heat up the rice, as is traditional with these devices. You can also enjoy a variety of benefits from select recipes for breads, soup, porridge or even fermenting your cheese or yogurt in this multifunctional device! With pre-set multi cook functions available on this machine you will never have to worry about being limited by one type of dish again!

Don’t let the word “coated” scare you. It’s not a coating that will come off on your food, it is something to keep crud out of the deep pan so it can be cleaned easily later with just soap and water (which is all I use). The nonstick surface makes cooking things like eggs much easier because they don’t stick to anything or burn as quickly – no more sticking egg yolks! And if you have any problems at all then trust me when I say customer service will take care of everything for free.

Best Commercial : Hamilton Beach Commercial 37590 – At Costco

Best Commercial : Hamilton Beach Commercial 37590 - At Costco

If you’re looking to make sushi for a setting with greater demand, it’s important that your device can keep up with the high upkeep. For restaurants and other commercial applications designed for large-scale use, Hamilton Beach Commercial 37590 Rice Cooker is sure to churn out restaurant quality rice in mass quantities so guests are happy.

This rice cooker can make up to 90 cups of cooked rice per batch, which will be enough for any size restaurant or catering business. For leftovers, it has a keep warm function that lasts 8 hours so your food stays fresh and delicious!

This 45-cup capacity is perfect for restaurants and caterers who need lots of servings in one go – making batches with this much ease means you’ll never spend too long cooking boring oatmeal again

You can make any type of rice with the help of this cooker from brown or white to long and short grains. You don’t have to be limited by what you cook; it also doubles as a grits, oatmeal, porridge, macaroni and cheese cooker!

This kitchen appliance makes cooking for your family easy in more ways than one. Not only does it provide options for different types of rice like brown or white but its versatility helps save space because not everything needs their own appliances anymore!

Premium Pick : Panasonic Sr-Afg186 – At Costco

Premium Pick : Panasonic Sr-Afg186 - At Costco

This Panasonic rice cooker is perfect for those who want to experience a taste of traditional Japanese cooking without having to fly all the way over there. The sr-afg186’s features include 4 different functions: white, brown, sushi and quick cook. In addition it has 3 time settings including 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes which will allow you adjust your dish according to how much time you have available in that particular moment. Whether looking for authentic japanese cuisine today or tomorrow this product will surely not disappoint!

The SR-AFG186 Rice Cooker from Panasonic allows users an opportunity at experiencing the best possible Authentic JAPANESE style rice cooking with its top quality parts like heating and many programmed presets designed specifically by professionals

A rice cooker is an invaluable appliance to have in any kitchen. It can make cooking a pot of rice so easy that you might just be tempted to cook it more often! One of the reasons for this ease lies in induction heating, which uses magnetic currents instead of heat from gas or electricity. With industry-leading quality induction heating, you will always get perfect results as your pan heats up quickly and evenly all around with 2 layers: one stainless steel/binchotan layer on top and another beneath (which also helps regulate temperature).

Rice cooks at different rates depending on where they are grown but no matter what type you’re using there’s a quick way to tell if it’s done – use the ‘rice stick’. The water

The Instant Pot is an innovative multifunctional cooker that offers 13 pre-set cooking programs. It has options for white, quinoa, porridge, sticky rice and more. A taste catcher enhances the savory umami flavor of dishes like soups or vegetables which can be cooked in a variety of ways including boiling and steaming as well!

Best Value : Tiger Jnp-1800-Fl – At Costco

Best Value : Tiger Jnp-1800-Fl - At Costco

If you’re looking for a rice cooker that will give back to the basics, but still be easy-to use and affordable, then Tiger JP-1800FL is an excellent choice. This reliable electric Rice Cooker has just enough features without any unnecessary bells or whistles!

Once you start using the Tiger Rice Cooker, it’s hard to imagine what life was like without one. Its reliability and versatility has made it a favorite for decades, with its perfect combination of classic quality and traditional cooking methods. It offers conventional electric rice cooker functionality so that users can enjoy their favorite grain effortlessly at any time or place they want! With different capacities ranging from 3 cups up to 10 cups this is an investment in your health-as well as convenience

In our modern world where we’re constantly on the go; having instant access to food (even when away from home) is essential. The reliable model which has been used by many for decades does just this: offer great tasting meals while being easy enough for anyone who wants them

This cooker makes perfect rice every time! Not only does it cook the delicious dish quickly, but with its one-touch function and auto shutoff features there’s never a worry for overcooked or burnt food. You can also use this to make many other traditional dishes including fried eggs, french toast, oatmeal – just about anything you’d like as long as you have all your ingredients handy!

Durable Pick : Aroma Housewares Mtc-8010 – At Costco

Durable Pick : Aroma Housewares Mtc-8010 - At Costco

The aroma housewares mtc-8010 professional rice cooker is the perfect device for anyone who loves to cook with a little flair. With its sleek, compact design and multiple cooking options you’ll be able to prepare delicious sushi in no time at all.

This handy multicooker makes cooking a whole lot less of the chore. You can make 4 to 20 cups at once, and it will prepare any kind of rice you throw its way! It has 12 pre-set functions so that you can cook an array of things: from steamed vegetables to soup, tarts or cakes; even fermented yogurt is in your reach with this machine’s help… So don’t waste any more time on mundane dishes – live life easier today by getting one for yourself!

The new MTC-8010 induction cooktop provides an innovative cooking experience for those who love to experiment with recipes. Unlike traditional gas or electric stoves, this model will heat up your food from all sides and ensure that it is heated evenly throughout the pot. With a 2mm thick titanium honeycomb inner pot you get even heating without any hot spots while also retaining moisture during cooking which ensures more flavorsome dishes!

Buying Guide

Rice cookers are a fairly simple appliance that could easily go overlooked in the kitchen. However, if you plan to make sushi rice or any other dish involving cooked rice- for example chicken tikka masala – it is important not only to have one but also know how best to use it. In order to make the best sushi rice possible, there are plenty of tips and specifications which will help your life easier as well as making delicious food like this recipe from The Kitchn: “Rice Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala.”

The following buying guide starts with some basics about what exactly makes up a good cooker such as capacity size and additional features before moving on into more specific questions relating specifically towards cooking dishes containing raw ingredients suchas

As the world becomes more connected, so does our taste for food. As people are becoming increasingly aware of what they put into their bodies and how it affects them once digested, many have been turning to healthier alternatives in order to reduce inflammation as well as improve overall health benefits. It’s no surprise that rice cookers also became an item on this list – not only is cooking healthy foods easier than ever with these tools but there has been a rise in new types of recipes being added! Rice cooker manufacturers are catching onto the trend by improving existing features like multiple settings which can accommodate different kinds or varieties of rice- from sushi rice
to brown jasmine-, all without having any kind special device necessary for preparation time. Cooking at home just

How to cook sushi rice in a cooker

I’ve never been to Japan, and I can’t read Japanese very well. But from what my friends told me, they say that the most natural way of cooking rice is in a cooker using water boiled at low heat for 30 minutes or so.
I’m not sure if this method would work on other types of cooked grains such as quinoa but it’s worth trying out! The key point about making sushi rice with an electric pressure cooker is being able to maintain its original texture without turning mushy through rapid cooling afterwards -which will happen if you use your oven- by running cold tap water over the lid until all steam has dissipated before opening it up again. Once opened, make sure that there isn’t any excess moisture inside which might

Features to consider while buying the best sushi rice cooker

When it comes to preparing sushi, selecting the right rice cooker can be very important. There are a variety of different features you should keep in mind when purchasing one for this specific task such as how many people will need to eat from your batch or if they need an additional feature like pressure cooking.

The best way to make sure that all aspects of your meal come out properly is by investing time and money into finding the perfect match between yourself and what you want out of your Rice Cooker. Whether it’s ensuring that everything has been cooked evenly on every end due to its ability with induction heating technology or having more control over temperature fluctuations which may lead some areas becoming undercooked while others become overcooked, there are plenty reasons why choosing carefully could

Reliable brand

To make perfect rice, you need the right device. Some people look for a surefire solution while others know that it can be hit or miss with lesser-known brands of cookers. But if youre looking to get your hands on one from an excellent brand and want some more information before making a purchase decision, then customer reviews may help steer your buying process in the right direction!

If you’re serious about cooking perfectly cooked rice all day long without having to worry about monitoring its progress every now and again as well as being able to experiment with different types such as sushi or jasmine (just two common ones), getting yourself a quality cooker is essential–and there are plenty out there who will offer just what exactly this author’s

Who needs a rice cooker? Why bother with these bulky appliances when you can simply use your microwave to cook up the perfect bowl of rice. Theres only one problem, microwaves are terrible at cooking evenly and this often leaves people frustrated with their lumpy messes that they have been preparing for hours on end.

If you want good old-fashioned stovetop browning while also getting perfectly cooked grains every time then all thats needed is an omelette pan or frying pan designed specifically for making fluffy white Japanese Rice! With the right tools in hand like a heavy bottomed saucepan and some patience anyone will be able to whip up cherry blossom flavored sushi rolls without too much fuss – give it try today!

The zojirushi np-nvc18 is our favorite pick overall. Theres a reason its claimed to be the most intelligent rice cooker on the market, but thats not all it has going for it! With that fuzzy logic technology, youre guaranteed some quality rice no matter what type of grain your using and with this option there will never again be any guess work when preparing sushi because everything can run completely automatically from start to finish without ever needing supervision.

Next in line would be the cuckoo company’s rice cooker, which uses a very precise intelligent cooking algorithm that will give you consistently accurate results every time for any type of rice. To use it just put your desired amount of raw white or brown polished jasmine long-grained basmati and short-grain calrose sushi rices into the pan along with two cups water then turn on to cook until all liquid is absorbed by ricetheres no need to worry about measuring out exact amounts everything can be done automatically thanks to this state-of -the art technology!

Next up we have Cuckoo Company’s brand new models; they also make an excellent choice if you’re looking for easy preparation without sacrificing quality. The

For a more traditional approach to sushi rice making, the best sushi rice cooker we can recommend is the reliable JNP series Rice Cooker by Tiger. These prestigious cookers have been around for plenty of time and earned their place as household standards with many fans who will swear they are able to make better quality sheets than any other brand in its class.