20 Best Snow Blowers Labor Day Sale & Deals [2021]

Looking for the Labor Day Snow Blowers Deals? Then you are landed at the right place.

People who live in areas with heavy snowfall can really benefit from a snow thrower.  Gas-powered machines are useful especially when there is a large amount of snow on the ground or you have to clear a very large area.

But there is growing hostility to gas-powered tools both from noise and environmental grounds.

However, electric snow blowers have been getting more popular lately.  They are ideal for smaller driveways, walkways, porches, and decks.  They are easier to use, require little or no maintenance, and cost less to run than gas-powered snow throwers.

An electric snow blower can help you clear snow from your driveway, deck, yard, and other open spaces.  They offer an alternative to gas-powered snow blowers if you have a short driveway or the snowfall is only a few inches deep.

Snow Blowers Labor Day Sale

Snow Blowers Labor Day Sale

Here are the Best Snow Blowers Labor Day Deals 2021:

Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower | 21-Inch | 15 Amp Motor
in stock
6 new from $230.94
1 used from $225.00
Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502
in stock
4 new from $119.00
2 used from $114.24
Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower | 18-Inch | 40 Volt | Brushless
in stock
2 new from $399.99
1 used from $269.99
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These snow blowers are light and easy to use.  Unlike gas-powered snow blowers, they do not need any tune-ups or engine maintenance and there is no gas and oil to worry about.  And no annoying pull cord. Electric snow blowers start easily at the push of a button and they make less noise than gas-powered machines.  They are also compact and easy to store.


Electric snow throwers are less powerful than gas-powered ones.  They are suitable only for shorter driveways and walkways.  The power cord can get in the way and pose a hazard.

How to Use an Electric Snowblower

Electric-powered snowblowers are compact and lightweight, making them easy to maneuver and work with.  To use one you will need a long extension cord suited to cold weather use that can reach from your nearest electrical socket to the end of your driveway.  The extension cord must be rated for outdoor use.

For safety purposes, never string two extension cords together.  This can cause a short in the wet snow.
Plug your extension cord into the outlet and plug your electric snow blower to the extension cord.  Most models of electric-powered snow throwers have a locking system to keep the machine’s plug locked into the extension cord.  Keep this end out of the snow.
Start at the top of the driveway or walkway and plow a straight line to the opposite end.  When you get to the end of the way, turn around and plow back to where you started.  Be sure to aim the snow away from the cleared path.  Take care not to run over your extension cord.
When done, put your machine in a dry place.


Electric snow blowers are not as powerful as gas-powered ones but some homeowners may find them suitable for their needs.

They can handle snow depths of about 6 to 12 inches. When using one of these machines you will be limited by the length of your extension cord, which is generally 100 to 150 feet long.  These machines are best suited for small jobs such as clearing your walkway or a short driveway and for making such a difficult chore easy and saving your back they are a blessing!