8 Best Rice Cookers at costco | June 2021

Rice is a great complement to so many meals, but it can be very difficult to make just the way you want. Fortunately for rice lovers everywhere, there are some machines that help with this inevitable dilemma. A perfect example of these kinds of devices would be something like an electric rice cooker – one which not only makes delicious dishes in no time at all and without much effort on your behalf; they also do it while taking into account everything from how long or how little water needs to go inside before cooking begins as well as what kind of type (white/ brown) or flavorings should line its interior walls during heating up process. The end result? You get restaurant-quality fare right outta your own kitchen!

Rice has always been

In our research for this article, we found the eight best rice cookers on the market. While all of these appliances work wonders when it comes to rice, there’s one that stands out as being a top contender: The zojirushi ns-tsc10 is an elite machine with many incredible features. This cooker can do everything from cooking your favorite dishes or making wholesome breakfast in just minutes! It has large capacity and easy programming so you spend less time worrying about what needs to be cooked up next and more time enjoying yourself at home! Of course, if you’re looking for something different than general purpose appliance don’t worry because each of these machines have their own unique selling points too; definitely explore those options before deciding which

Editor’S Choice : Zojirushi Ns-Tsc10 – At Costco

Editor’S Choice : Zojirushi Ns-Tsc10 - At Costco

If you’re looking for a top-of-the line rice cooker, it’s worth starting with this model from Zojirushi. The company has built an esteemed reputation as quality makers of kitchen appliances, and there is no exception to that rule here! For starters, the 11 cup capacity should meet your needs if you have quite large family or just love eating lots of white rice (I don’t know who doesn’t). In addition to being big enough to feed a small army all at once in one pot meal prep session–or provide plenty leftovers!–this appliance also features some really nifty extras like fuzzy logic technology which delivers perfect timing every time without any need for constant babysitting on your part.

The simple design of the controls on this rice cooker make it easy to find and adjust settings quickly.
The large, clear display is great for users who want a tactile experience with their device while cooking.

This machine can make a lot more than just rice. With different presets, it is possible to get the perfect meal for any occasion and time of day with ease! It makes everything from porridge in the morning to pasta at dinner-time without breaking a sweat.

Best Brown Rice Cooker : Zojirushi Np-Hcc10Xh – At Costco

Best Brown Rice Cooker : Zojirushi Np-Hcc10Xh - At Costco

The rice cooker has a lot of different settings, and it’s really great for someone who likes to experiment with different types! There are so many varieties that you can cook. If you like experimenting with all the kinds of rice – white or brown – then this is a perfect model for your kitchen since there are lots of cooking programs available on here. The buttons and labels have clear instructions too, making it easy to choose which kind will be cooked perfectly every time!

When you are cooking rice, it can be difficult to find the perfect time. You either over cook or undercook your food and that just makes for a bad meal all around. The compact rice cooker from Cuisinart is here to help! With this device’s delayed timer function, you will never worry about having bland mushy leftover dishes again because now with just one touch of a button on its interface panel then set when you want your dish cooked and voila-deliciously moist warm grains every single time!

This convenient kitchen appliance has everything needed in order for home cooks to have some great tasting meals as well as satisfying their hunger whenever they please without worrying if there’s enough leftovers from last night’s dinner sitting in

From the first time you turn on this rice cooker, it’ll be hard to resist its sleek and modern design. The black color is accented with clean lines that give off a sophisticated vibe- perfect for any kitchen countertop. With three heating elements instead of just one (and much better heat distribution!), cooking will only take half as long! So whether your meal needs 6 cups or 12 this machine has got you covered – in no time at all too!

This affordable and reliable rice cooker from KitchenAid comes ready with tons of features like programmable presets so there’s never another scorched pot again! In addition to the triple heater system which ensures even cooking while speeding up process times by 50%, make sure not to forget about

Best Value : Tiger Jnp-S10U-Hu – At Costco

Best Value : Tiger Jnp-S10U-Hu - At Costco

Cooking your rice in the microwave might be a bad idea, but cooking it with this awesome Panasonic Rice Cooker is not!
I love how there are only two settings on this model. One for white and one for brown – you can’t get much simpler than that! The best part though? It doesn’t have any fancy features like “delay” or anything of that nature. You just put all your water inside, then let it cook until done and voila—you’re ready to go eat some satisfying fluffy white sticky rice guilt-free without having to worry about overcooking it because of those pesky delay programs.

Eating rice is something that many people enjoy on a regular basis. It’s so easy to make, and can be done with only one pot or pan! That means you’ll have less dishes to do in the end;) This cooker has an 11 cup capacity which makes cooking lots of food at once much easier than it would otherwise be if you had other cookers-I mean, who wants more dishes? Rice tastes really good when cooked this way too because there are no ‘hard’ pieces like grains get stuck together during boiling process as they’re all separated by water inside the maker.

You may have heard about the importance of making sure that you purchase a durable rice machine. But what do you look for in durability? A good place to start is with this particular model’s simple design and its interior/exterior designed for everyday use. This not only makes it one of more reliable models but also helps make it one of most long-lasting!

Largest Capacity Rice Cooker : Aroma Arc-150Sb – At Costco

Largest Capacity Rice Cooker : Aroma Arc-150Sb - At Costco

Rice lovers rejoice! This is the rice cooker for you. If your family eats more than a few cups of rice at once, this machine will make sure that there are plenty to go around. With it’s 20 cup capacity and easy-to-use settings, anyone could be happy with this purchase–even those who only eat one bowl per sitting!

If you’re looking for something in particular when shopping: big families or people with small appetites alike can enjoy eating as much delicious homemade rice as they want (or need) because of its large size and diverse options.

It is always a struggle to get kids away from screens and electronics, but with the cool-to-touch body that this machine has, it will be much easier. The safety features of cooking at such high temperatures while staying safe are also helpful.

It’s difficult for children these days to spend time without their phones or tablets in hand; however, an innovative feature on many new microwaves puts them into perspective–even when they’re running at full speed! This microwave stays completely cool even after reaching maximum temperature which helps prevent accidental burns from any curious hands looking over your shoulder as you cook dinner. With all its other amazing qualities like excellent safety precautions and easy clean up options available too, this one just might make everyone happy no matter what

Not only does the Black & Decker GR2033B Deep Fryer come with a large capacity, but it also has anti-skid pads at its feet that will keep this cooker in place. This is perfect for kitchens where counter space can be scarce and accidents are prone to happen because of the small size.

The black and decker deep fryer comes equipped with several great safety features like an automatic thermostat control system that prevents temperatures from getting too hot or cold as well as indicator lights so you always know what temperature your food is cooking on without having to remove anything yourself which could lead into potential burns! But thats not all: there’s also plenty of room inside this machine thanks tot he adjustable basket handle, making sure

Premium Pick : Cuckoo Crp-Eh03 – At Costco

Premium Pick : Cuckoo Crp-Eh03 - At Costco

The last thing that you want to have happen is for your rice cooker to break down on you. You might think about how durable it will be before purchasing one, and if not a sturdy model then at least something with a good warranty.

When looking for the best of the best when it comes to cooking rice there are some things that should always factor into consideration such as durability among other factors. One way in which this can take place without too much worry or stress is by making sure that whichever choice ends up being picked out has an accompanying great warranty plan included so they don’t end up breaking later on and leaving someone stranded high-and-dry who needs their fix from time-to time like myself!

That, plain and simple, will not be the case if you decide to purchase this model.This cooker is built to last and has an extra thick casing that will help to prevent it from breaking down over time.Of course, this does make it a bit on the big side but I think many people would rather use their cookers for several years without fail instead of wasting money every few months or so because they need new ones all too often!

Ever been frustrated with your rice cooker because you can’t see what program it’s on, or how much time is left? Cook a meal like no other! With the LIFESTYLE 10-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer by Hamilton Beach® our intelligent design features both large display that clearly shows which mode has been selected as well as controls for easy switching. This makes cooking easier than ever before.

This model also comes with an intuitive interface that helps to ensure simplicity of use in any kitchen setting where there are limited countertop space constraints. The sleek stainless steel finish will look good in just about any modern home décor theme too so be confident knowing this addition won’t clash against surrounding decor

Best Rice Cooker/Steamer : Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker And Steamer – At Costco

Best Rice Cooker/Steamer : Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker And Steamer - At Costco

Some people like rice, others don’t. But most love a good risotto. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has to cook for two different types of eaters or cooks in your household, do yourself and them both a favor by getting an air fryer with side dishes as well!

If you can’t decide whether it’s time to give up on being able to make decent rice while also cooking other things at once then get this gadget that does it all. With lots more programs than just plain old white-flavored fare and tons more capacity than what might be needed every day (or week), there is no reason not to spend money here if maybe even save some down the line because food lasts longer when its cooked

Le Creuset is a staple in every kitchen’s pantry. One of the things that make this pot so desirable and popular are its many versatile cooking functions, such as steaming vegetables with greens or making rice for dinner tonight! With Le Creuset cookware you’ll be able to cook up any dish on your mind without having to buy an expensive appliance-saving space (and money) while still getting great results.

The compact design and size of this cooker is perfect for making food no matter what type you are in the mood for. It’s also easy to store so it doesn’t take up too much space!

This lightweight yet powerful rice cooker has a sleek, modern look that will complement any kitchen style – from classic country to ultra-modern minimalism. The cooking surface provides plenty of room without taking up tons of counter or cabinet space like other models with larger footprints; saving valuable real estate throughout your home while still leaving lots more on hand!

Best For Beginners : Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker With Steamer – At Costco

Best For Beginners : Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker With Steamer - At Costco

When you are ready to make your next pot of rice, dont be fooled by the simplicity of a basic model.While it may not have all the bells and whistles that more advanced models offer like different settings for browning or warming dishes, there is nothing wrong with sticking to what works best–which in this case would be cooking white rice!
I bet if youve been using an electric stovetop before now then even the most complicated features found on higher-end models will seem simple because they can perform many tasks at once while also being able to set cook time up until hours later so as soon as its done cooking dinner doesnt just get cold waiting around.

This particular model offers the best of both worlds. You can load up as much rice and water that you want, put it all in together, turn on your device to cook for a few minutes before turning off automatically when done! Not only is this great because you get perfect-cooked rice every time with no work whatsoever required from yourself – but it also allows for variety! The pot has six preset cooking programs so if one doesn’t suit your fancy then just switch over until you find what does.

The smaller size of this model makes it a good investment for those living in small areas. It is just as powerful, but has the added bonus of being easy to store and transport!

The compact design means that you won’t have any trouble fitting your blender into an already cramped kitchen – without sacrificing its power or performance!

Budget Pick : Dash Drcm200Gbrd04 – At Costco

Budget Pick : Dash Drcm200Gbrd04 - At Costco

The Zojirushi rice cooker is the perfect choice for those who are looking to save a little money but still get a high quality appliance. It’s very easy-to-use, all you have to do is load up your pot with just enough rice and water and let it cook! This model also has compact size which makes storage so much easier because this smaller than average machine will fit anywhere in any kitchen–even if you only have counter space or cabinets available.

If youve been looking for a sleek and show-stopping option, this is your answer. This modern stove comes in more colors than the rainbow to match any interior design style or taste.The exterior of this cooker will stay pristine with its scratch resistant material that wont let it get too scratched up if left out open at all times on your kitchen countertop without worry!

This new model from GE is an eye catcher made as stylishly as possible by coming in many different color options so everyone can find one they love best. Its also designed to be durable but not lose its great look due to scratches since there are no sharp edges exposed like some other models have which would cause them wear down over time faster – perfect for those who want

This rice maker is so much more than just a machine to make your favorite dish. With it, you can create delicious meals with the push of one button! It contains an extra-large capacity for cooking up large batches and includes measuring cups that allow you determine how many servings are in each batch or cook cycle without having to measure every time. Stop spending all day preparing food when this little device does most of the work for you!

Buying Guide

In this section, we will go through everything that you need to know about finding the best rice cooker possible. We have also taken the time to answer several frequently asked questions so be sure to read those as well if you need any more information!

In order for your rice cooking experience not only taste good but look great too, it’s essential that a reliable and high-quality model is chosen. Rice cookers are available in various features depending on what they’re used for: from making soup or porridge with just one touch of a button; being able to prepare two different dishes at once; using timers while away from home – even some models can do all these things! So there’s really no excuse when trying out new recipes

Do you know the difference between a stovetop and rice cooker? A great deal. One of my favorite food items to cook are some tasty fried eggs, but when I make them on the stove they take an hour or more! That’s because there is not enough heat being dispersed across such a large surface area like in that tiny pot. Just imagine how much longer it would have taken me if I had tried this with a larger skillet instead – nevermind eating breakfast at 3:00 PM just from waiting for these things to get done cooking! It takes about half as long using one of those handy-dandy electric egg makers which distributes heat all around so well due to their small contact points relative size. You could also eat your

    Convenient – Perhaps the biggest reason that you might want to get a countertop rice cooker is the convenience of it all. If you make rice the old-fashioned way in a pot, then you have to stand there and watch it so that you don’t under- or overcook it. You also have to make sure that it doesn’t boil over one you. This process, of course, takes your attention away from other things, like spending time with your family or making other food. A rice cooker is completely self-contained and doesn’t need to be watched, which is extremely convenient. Time-Saving – To go along with how convenient it is to use a rice cooker, these machines are big time savers as well. Since you don’t need to watch them while they are cooking your rice, you will only end up spending about two or three minutes to make a pot of rice. This is a huge time saver in comparison to making rice in a pot on the stove since that takes about 20-25 minutes total. If you are someone with a busy schedule and lots of mouths to feed, you don’t want to waste time cooking only one part of your dinner for that much time. Perfect Every Time – Another huge reason to utilize a rice cooker is that it removes the human element from the cooking process. Rice cookers are designed to always function, in the same manner each and every time. This consistency makes it that much simpler to always make the perfect bowl of rice for lunch or dinner. It also makes it a whole lot easier to spend more time on other parts of your meal so that you can make a completely nutritious dinner for your family. Easy – Something else that rice cookers have on using a pot on your stovetop is just how easy they are to use. For the most basic and budget-friendly models, all you need to do is place the rice in the cooker, put in the right amount of water, and press start. From there, the cooker does the rest. Even if you have an upscale model, you still won’t have to follow a complicated process to make your meal, which is a big plus. Other Functions – While the name rice cooker might imply that you can only cook rice with your new appliance, that isn’t always the case. Depending on the model you select, you might be able to make a whole host of delicious foods, from sushi to birthday cakes! This versatility helps to make a rice cooker an essential in the kitchen, no matter how many people you need to cook for.

Features to consider while choosing a rice cooker

When looking for a new rice cooker it is important to take many things into account. However, we will go through the most crucial features that you should keep in mind when shopping around and find one that suits your needs best!

I was always curious about what all goes into buying good quality kitchen supplies so I decided to do some research on different types of food appliances. One thing I found interesting during my investigation of popular models from brands like Breville and Zojirushi was how varied they were with their specialties; while both have plenty of options available depending on whether you want something electric or not, specific requirements such as porridge cooking times are only offered by certain companies – giving shoppers more variety than just going with whichever brand has the


If you’re looking for a rice cooker, the first thing that you will want to decide is just how big of one do I need? If your family has grown over time and now consists of more members than it did before then naturally opting for a larger model would be in order. Larger models are also usually going to cost slightly higher but if money isn’t something at all on your radar-you can opt out with purchasing substantially cheaper models as well

When you’re cooking for the whole family, try out a high-capacity rice cooker like the aroma housewares arc-150sb. This large model is capable of making up to 20 cups of rice at a time, which makes it perfect for larger households! However if you have only yourself or are cooking in smaller quantities then consider something less expensive along the lines of dash drcm200gbrd04 .


A rice cooker is a kitchen must-have for any serious cook, but it’s not enough to just get anything. Choosing the best appliance that suits your needs sounds like an easy task, until you realize there are hundreds of models available on the market! It can be overwhelming and confusing trying to find one with all these cooking options when what really matters most is making sure you’re getting something reliable and dependable.

The first thing I did was set up my search parameters by looking at things such as wattage (weight), timer settings, ease of use/cleaning features etc., which narrowed down my choices considerably because so many machines have similar functions yet they differ in other ways too – some might come bundled with extra items that others

If you are looking for the best overall rice cooker, then look no further than the zojirushi ns-tsc10. This durable and well made model has a large capacity to cook enough food for your whole family! It also comes with many different programs that will keep everyone happy while they wait patiently at home.

When you are looking for a rice cooker, it is important to know what type of cooking style suits your family. The zojirushi np-hcc10xh has many different programs that will accommodate nearly any taste preference and recipe.

Rice cookers range in price from affordable options to more expensive models with added features like browning functions or slow cook settings depending on individual needs such as the size of their household or how often they plan to use one at home versus camping trips etcetera. These machines can also be used by people who have gluten sensitivities if the instructions indicate so but always check before relying solely on this machine in case this isn’t true for every model.

If you have a busy schedule, then the best rice cooker for your needs is going to be the tiger jnp-s10u-hu. This model can make up to ten cups of cooked perfectly fluffy white or brown rice in less than 30 minutes with just one press of button! It’s also easy to clean and maintain so it won’t take up too much time from those extra hours that are scarce as we all know sometimes.

If you’re pressed for time but still want delicious food on demand, I recommend getting an appliance like this Tiger JNP S 10U HU Rice Cooker which makes cooking perfect meal possible while freeing more precious moments from our day by being both efficient and simple at once without any risk whatsoever when using