25 Best PS4 Labor Day Deals & Sales 2021 [PS4 Slim & PS4 Pro]

PS4 Labor Day deals & PS4 special Labor Day offers from popular retailers: AmazonBest Buy, Walmart, Costco, Target and eBay, etc will be updated here. Check Below the best labor Day PS4 deals or read buying guide and buy it with lower price.

Here are the Sony PS4 Labor Day Deals:

Best PS4 Labor Day Deals & Sales 2021

Best PS4 Labor Day Deals & Sales 2021

Prospective buyers of Playstation 4 would look for good deals to save as much as possible on the gaming console. PS4 buyers always celebrate their deal if they buy at the market price too, because the console is almost $80 less priced than its not so good rival, the Xbox One. Still all PS4 lovers would want PS4 cheapest price and Playstation 4 Labor Day deals, and thus all offers on PS4 that gives great stuff for lesser value are always welcome by the PS4 lovers and gamers.

Amazon PS4 Labor Day Sale:

Walmart PS4 Labor Day Sale:

How to avail PS4 Labor Day deals

There are many ways to avail PS4 Labor Day deals which are:

  • You may contact your local retailer to find out the best PS4 Labor Day deals
  • You may see through all online stores selling games and accessories, and there you may find good PS4 Labor Day deals

There is a very exciting way to get PS4 cheapest price and Playstation 4 deals and one or two best selling games at a very reasonable price. That is by buying a PS4 bundle. A PS4 bundle comprises of a Playstation 4 console, and one or two DualShock 4 controllers, and one or two most popular and best selling PS4 games.

Why bundles are good for PS4 Labor Day deals

The logic behind selling bundles is to give the customers the best of the best in one pack. Now whoever will buy a Playstation 4, would get one DualShock 4 controller with it in the package. But if more than one person wants to play simultaneously, or the users just need another controller, then there will be the need to buy another one. Moreover, a gamer would always be hungry for more games, and thus will definitely buy the latest released games that are most popular.

Now bundles combine all that. Each bundle has slightly different components, like some may have no games but two controllers, and some may have just no controller but two games, while there are bundles with one controller and one game. This means there is every sort of packaging for all types of user preferences, and it depends on the user which one he will choose to buy. The controller will be the same everywhere, but the selection of games would vary from one retailer to another based on the location and the popularity of games at that time.

Make sure you are getting the best PS4 Labor Day deals

Whether you buy a PS4 bundle or just a plain box of PS4, it’s important that you get the best PS4 Labor Day deals. To get the best deal, you can also use coupon codes. There are many websites for gamers, where retailers and stores give away coupon codes to get more customers. If you get coupon codes from such websites etc, then you may use them to buy your PS4 from the local market or online store through attractive PS4 Labor Day deals.

But while availing PS4 Labor Day deals, make sure that you get the following things in your package. The right bill and documents containing warranty papers for the console, all power cables, and jacks needed, game serial numbers or activation codes (in case you buy a PS4 bundle). If you get all these things perfectly in your PS4 pack, then you can be quite well assured that you are getting the PS4 cheapest price and PlayStation 4 Labor Day deals.

The Playstation 4 – Reviews

All gamers around the world would unconditionally rate the Playstation 4 from Sony as the best gaming console and much ahead of the Xbox One by Microsoft. There are lots of reasons why PS4 stays ahead of its rival, and ample stocks and low price are one of the very good reasons for its popularity. Now, one would always opt for a machine that performs better, looks stylish, and has cool game graphics, and yet has much affordable price compared to the Xbox One.

Better performance than earlier models and rival

The PS4 has 32 times more memory than its earlier version. It has been built keeping in mind the extreme gaming features, and much less importance is given on the social media connecting factors, as these are not that necessary for extreme gaming. Instead, the console focuses more on memory, performance, graphics, etc.

Design and looks

There are lots of reasons for the vast popularity of the PS4. Its design is much slim and sleek and stylish than its rival the Xbox One which is big, box-shaped and non-attractive. The glossy and matte asymmetrical looks complement the slim set. There is an optional stand that you may buy to stand the PS4 vertically, or else it will sit horizontally and flat.

Unlike the protruding electric charging cable unit sticking out of the Xbox One, the PS4 has an inbuilt charging port, that has been fitted inside the console such that the slim look does not get affected.

At the front side, there is a slit which contains the Blue-ray optical drive. There are two USB 3.0 ports to charge the DualShock 4 controllers, and these ports can charge the controllers when the console is not in use.

If the console is kept vertically on the stand, then on connecting with power, blue light on the stand illuminates and shows a welcome note on booting. Though optional, yet this looks cool. If you opt for the PS4 which is almost $80 less in price than the Xbox One, then you will be easily able to afford for the $16 stand of PS4 to improve the storage and looks within the $80 amount that you saved on the deal.


The packaging of the PS4 is quite simple. It takes no more than a few minutes to open the package, sort out the contents, connect and set the console, and boot it. This is way much better than the Xbox packaging which takes forever to open the hard plastics, papers, wraps, etc of the pack, and to assemble all small parts to prepare to boot the machine.


The console is almost 10 times faster than the PS3, and its 500 GB hard drive can be upgraded with a higher memory if you want to, with a larger drive or SSD. A very interesting thing that Sony did here is, they announced that such fittings done by the user won’t void the company’s warranty, which is very pleasing information for the users.