10 Best Pressure Washer Sales & Deals | April 2021

Best Pressure Washer Sales & Deals 2021: Electric pressure washers have gained a lot of popularity in the past 10 years. It is no more considered a luxury because people have realized that pressure washers can clean their properties like a car, furniture, garages, patio, pavements and the doors and windows in their home. They prolong the lifetime of their assets by getting rid of the dust, dirt, grime, and mold. Before buying a pressure washer it is important to know what to look for in the best electric pressure washer deals & Sales.

Best Pressure Washer Sales & Deals of the month

Best Pressure Washer Sales & Deals of the month

These are the Best Pressure Washer Sales & Deals 2021:

Buying tips for buying the best electric pressure washer

There are three important technical terms to be understood before buying an electric pressure washer. They are PSIGPM, and CPU.

  • PSI is the short form for pounds per square inch. Based on PSI, they can be divided into three categories, namely, low, medium and heavy. The PSI rating for light-duty washers is less than in 2000 and it is the best for home use. The PSI rating for medium-duty is from 2000 to 3000 and is the best for cleaning concrete walls and decks of boats etc. The heavy-duty washer has a PSI rating of 3000 and above and is the best for industry use to remove the tough stains from machinery etc.
  • GPM or gallons per minute is the unit for a flow rate for pressure. In simple terms, it refers to the volume of water used for cleaning. The more the GPM, the more is the area and the lesser is the time taken.
  • CPU or the cleaning power units is the product obtained by multiplying PSI and GPM. It refers to the cleaning power. It is important to calculate the CPU of an electric pressure washer to know the ability of the machine to clean effectively.

What are the other features to be considered?

  • Portability  Light machines are easy to handle. They are the best for home use.
  • Accessories  There are many accessories like extension wands, gutter cleaners, pressure washer hose, and diet blaster, etc. Determine your needs and decide the accessories you need.
  • Cold or hot water  Machines with in-built heaters heat up the water used for cleaning. Hot water removes the dirt and dust more effectively.
  • Price  The price of machines with more features, more accessories and more PSIGPM and CPU is higher. Buy the machine to suit your budget and needs.

How and where to buy the best electric pressure washer?

Electric washers can be bought online from sites like amazon.com. It is easy to compare and buy when bought online. Amazon offers several electric washers.

What to consider when buying a pressure washer:

Pressure washers are convenient household cleaning appliances that are far much better than regular hoses. They make use of powerful electrical motors and gas-powered engines to increase water pressure by up to 50 times more the standard garden hose. Furthermore, these devices can greatly subsidize the average amount of water being used for outdoor cleaning by 80%. Before getting yourself the best pressure washer there are a few factors to take into consideration.

1. Power Supply

There are two choices to choose from in this regard, either the electrical or gas-powered machines. Those that run on compressed air don’t need a circuit cable to operate and are often more powerful than their counterparts. However, they also tend to be noisier and require more consistent maintenance than electrical models. Due to the gas fumes they produce, gas-powered washers should preferably be used outdoors in properly ventilated spaces.

2. Water Supply

Users can either choose between hot and cold water machines based on their individual preferences. For heavy-duty commercial jobs, it’s advisable to use warm water since it removes tough dried-in stains better than their counterparts. However, the common homeowner would be well-off using a cold water system since the chores are far much lighter.

3. Pump Brand

The pump produces power and pressure for this machine. Therefore, it’s important to choose a good brand that would provide all the energy needed to perform your chores with ease. There are 2 main pump versions which include the triplex and axial cam. The last option is recommendable for homeowners whereas triplex pumps are good for heavy-duty commercial tasks.

Key terms to know

  • PSI – It refers to the total volume of force generated by the machine. Devices which have higher PSI tend to be more powerful and can be used for several hours straight. For comparison sake, a standard garden hose produces a PSI of 40 while pressure washers can generate a maximum of 2,500 PSI.
  • GPM – This is a measurement referring to the average amount of water that passes through the duct after every 60 seconds. Always check your machine’s GPM to determine its overall cleaning power and efficiency.
  • CPU – This number can be calculated by multiplying the overall PSI of your machine with the GPM, the best pressure washer would typically have a higher CPU.

Choosing the Best Kind of Pressure User to Purchase

To start with, it is important to know the various kinds of pressure washers currently available on the market. Be sure to evaluate your own needs and expectations and what you are planning to do with it. The kind of washer one decides to buy should depend on precisely what you need. Certainly, water pressure with high pressure will be more effective than those with low pressure. If you need to purchase a powerful one, the perfect option is a gasoline-powered pressure because it gains more power compared to an electric one. On the contrary, if you do not require a powerful pressure, you may opt for one that depends on electricity for pressure. Those kinds can be appropriate for certain modest tasks like eradicating the grime and dust from furniture, windows, and other related items.

The options available in stores at the moment are usually overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to go through power washer reviews before you make the ultimate purchase decision.

You can go through the various online reviews as well as those in magazines like Do It Yourself magazines. Be sure to check out DIY and hobby sites. This is actually the best and fastest way to review and compare a lot of choices from the comfort of your living room. You will surely find many online reviews that serve as a great source of information about the available water pressures and any other information that may be of interest to you.

If you are planning to use over 100 hours annually, then you should go for an industrial or commercial pressure washer as these are formulated to stand intensive tasks. However, if you would like to use less than 100 hours/year, you may want to buy a domestic electric washer, which is designed for moderate purposes. Therefore, be sure to ask your supplier to suggest the best system that will stand the test of time and also offer a great return on your investment.

While reading the Power Washer Reviews, be sure to look at what the previous users are saying about the dependability of various units, especially as far as the pump goes. Keep in mind that the most important component of your pressure washer is the pump.

If you stumble upon user reviews that discredit the ability of the pump, you may want to look for another brand and model with a more dependable pump. The right pressure washer should have a pump that can work for a considerable period of time and not fail too easily.