12 Best Polaroid Camera Black Friday Deals [2021]

Best Polaroid Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021: there is no doubt that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a great time to find any deals.  if you are looking for a Polaroid Camera Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals? so I have good news for you. Most people buy their favorite Polaroid Camera models in Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales and save a couple of dollars on regular high prices.

Polaroid cameras allow users to capture photos and take the print out instantly on a paper. They are cheaper as compared to modern digital cameras and also serve the purpose of a cool gadget. So whether you are a professional photographer, traveler or tech enthusiast, you must have the best polaroid camera to capture memories.

Best Polaroid Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals | 2021

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Best Polaroid Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

In today’s modern era of DSLRs, talking about Polaroid cams might sound weird but still, digital cams can’t replace the need for these retro gadgets.  They utilize a self-developing film to produce a chemically developed print out just after you click. Modern cams still lack this instant printing feature.

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera (Black)
in stock
13 new from $141.74
Polaroid Originals 4723 Polaroid 600 Camera, Flash, Black
in stock
2 used from $99.49
Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 - Instant Film Camera - Blush Gold
in stock
6 new from $205.00
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera - Ice Blue
in stock
16 new from $59.99
10 used from $54.00
Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera (Purple)
in stock
3 used from $109.95
Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF - White (9008) - LATEST EDITION
in stock
1 used from $129.00
Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera
in stock
11 new from $249.95
5 used from $180.00
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Polaroid Camera Black Friday Sale 2021 And Cyber Monday sale are live now. and you may save up to 50% on the latest Polaroid Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals in 2021. these Polaroid Camera’s are selling at their lowest price this Shopping holiday so grab these deals as soon as you can. In this deals, we include the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25, Canon Ivy CLIQ, Fujifilm Instax Wide 300, Leica SOFORT Instax, Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo, Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, Polaroid Snap Instant, Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 and more Models. In this post, we check out the list of top 10 Polaroid Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021.

Instax 300 wide Polaroid camera is one of the best instant cameras that are still in production. Using this camera is a lot of fun especially when you want to save your life moments on wide films. Its size is bigger as compared to the other Fujifilm instant cameras. The dimensions are (3.8 x 7.4 x 4.8 inch). The grip is adjustable and inside the grip, there is a battery component. It uses 4 AA size batteries. The focal length is quite good enough to capture close-ups and its batteries are easily available in the market. So it’s a perfect choice if you are looking for the best Polaroid camera to buy for weddings & parties.


Fujifilm wide 300 features retractable lens and a built-in automatic flash. It comes with an optical viewfinder, a prime lens and big handgrip on the side. The shutter release is at the top. The camera has two simple focusing options. One can set it to focus closely while the other option focuses far objects. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300  captures good quality images in daylight but still, it is difficult to get the required perfection as there are no options for manual adjustment of exposure or brightness.

2. Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Being one of the most recognized manufacturers of photography gear, Fujifilm released this model to fulfill all the basic needs of a photographer. Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 is a reliable and best Polaroid camera 2017 having good reviews and is cheaper as compared to other models. It can automatically detect the exposure conditions and adjusts the brightness before capturing the image.

Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Polaroid snap camera comes in seven (7) different colors including black, white, pink, blue, yellow, grape and raspberry. It can be a nice birthday party gift for your kids and they would love to have this nice gadget.


The aperture size is adjusted automatically along with its powerful LED flashlight. The high-key function enables soften the effect on captured images.  Users can adjust the dial as per the surrounding weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, etc.) in order to shot a perfect instant snap.

Compared to its predecessor (mini 7s), the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is much slimmer and lighter in weight. The viewfinder is also improved in this version with more clarity and sharpness of the subject.

Coming towards some drawbacks, this model doesn’t come with a film. So users should buy a separate film along with the camera. Also, there is no option to save the images digitally. Alternatively, you can capture photos on film and then scan them later on to have a digital backup of your snaps.

3. Polaroid PIC-300 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

This is a Polaroid branded version of Fujifilm Instax camera and uses the same instant film as Instax mini.  Polaroid PIC-300 is one of the cheapest instant film cameras which is quite affordable when it comes to the price.

As compared to its predecessor from the ’70s, this one is smaller in size but still quite large in size when compared with modern cameras. New Polaroid has everything which you love about instant photography. Polaroid 300 comes in four colors – red, black, blue & purple.

It is a little bit heavy as compared to the other models and not suitable for the low-light environment. So you have to be careful while taking pictures in a low light environment. Its disadvantage is that the viewfinder is wider than the picture frame. So the viewfinder gives a poor idea of the reference picture and the photo appears smaller.


This camera has a sharp lens but there is no zoom facility available in it. It works with four settings: clear, fine, cloudy and indoor.  Polaroid 300 works with four AA-Size Batteries. It is equipped with an automatic flash & performs best in portrait shots. The photo usually gets dark if taken in low light. Also, the action shots are blurry.

Loading the film in Polaroid pic-300 is very easy. Simply unwrap the back slot and place the film in it. The pictures come out from the top once you click the button after focusing on the subject.

4. Polaroid Snap Touch Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Polaroid snap touch is the modern version of the classic instant snap cameras that has many unique features. It comes under the category of instant digital cameras which allow you to take photos, print and share them with a modern user interface and Bluetooth connectivity option.

This camera improves your control over the use of paper pack. The default options are still good to take the reasonable details of the scene. You can also change the contrast and brightness settings to get the desired image quality.

It comes in white, blue, black, purple and many more cool colors. You can select one to save the precious moments of your life with instantly printed snaps.

The best part about Polaroid snap touch is the flexibility. You can choose the option to print photo everytime when you press the shutter button or otherwise storing everything digitally. It is one of the best polaroid cameras for low light photography.


The biggest advantage of Polaroid snap touch instant camera is that it has storage capacity up to 128 GB which allows you to save pictures and videos in soft form.  The manufacturer has ditched the top viewfinder and replaced it with a selfie mirror and flash in this model. So it is also a suitable option for selfie lovers. It has a physical shutter button that makes it look classic but everything other than that can be controlled by 3.5-inch touch screen.

It features a 13 MP CMOS sensor, self-timer and selfie mirror options. There are three color modes; black and white, color and vintage sepia for making your moments more special. You can record video in 1080p resolution using the 13 MP HD camera paired with a 3.4 mm, f/2.8 lens. In this modern Polaroid snap touch cam, the video quality is fine with smooth frame rates.

One thing which I don’t like about Polaroid snap touch is the unavailability of image stabilization option which makes the video a little jittery if not properly handled. The snap touch is more likely for taking still pictures but video recording is also a good option with 1080p resolution.

This is the best Instant camera in 2021 having some cool filter options.  It has a built-in photo printer which uses thermal paper reacting technology to heat the paper and develops an image on it. That’s why sometimes the image results are not as good as Fuji Instax Paper which takes some time to develop the image and produces more clear results. The camera results are best for daylight scenes and not too good in darkness. Considering the drawbacks, it comes with a low-resolution screen. The screen features the basic TFT with a grainy texture. The Menu is very basic and the on-screen icons are very simple.

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 is one of the most popular Fujifilm polaroid cameras in the Asian market and its market is growing very fast, making it one of the most important products of Fujifilm. The Instax Mini 90 is a good attempt to attract serious professional photographers who are motivated for excellence in their field.

With its beautiful retro design resembling Fujifilm’s beautiful X series, this camera is now more than a gadget. The shape is specially designed to give it a more professional look. Although the Instax mini 90 is made with the plastic body, still the luxury Leather straps feel great to be touch.

Talking about the comfort zone of the camera, you can use it in both portrait and landscape modes as both modes have a capture button ensuring a comfortable grip. With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, it is more fun to take this camera on holidays or in parties to save precious moments.


There are many cool features in this small bundle of enjoyment. Understanding the 7 different shooting modes is not difficult but the best one is the portrait mode with double exposure option. The “party” mode reduces the shutter response to get more background details whereas the “kids” mode uses short shutter speed to instantly freeze action. There is a bulb exposure mode that keeps the shutter open as long as the shutter button is pressed.


When the camera is turned off, the lens quickly retracts back giving it a more compact look. The camera has a power on/off button, shutter release and flash option on the front. The top of the camera is the receiving end for printed photos. The back of the camera comes with handy buttons to control exposure compensation, time and different shooting modes.

It is really easy to take an image with Instax Mini 90 but the camera lens has a fixed f/12.7 aperture which means you might need to rely on the inbuilt flash option to brighten the original image. Still, it takes a very good image as compared to the other compact digital cameras in the very same situation.

6. Leica SOFORT Instax Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Leica is a very well known German company which is among the top photography gear producing companies. This is the most awaited Polaroid instant camera which is best for selfies and equipped with dozens of cool features. Leica launched this model with a classic rectangular shape. It comes with pretty decent options for shooting images which make the polaroid photography simple. The battery is removable and can take up to 100 shots when fully charged.

There is a small optical viewfinder that can be used to to get some assistance in locating the subject while shooting. On top, there is a quick shutter button. When you press the shutter button, the machine starts to work and the picture appears after a few minutes in hard copy format.


On the front side, there is a lens which expands or collapse when the camera is switched on or off. Around the ring, there is a ring to switch between long-range and close up focusing. There are additional four buttons on the backside of the camera which are for mode change, self-timer, flash, and exposure adjustment. There are many modes available like party, selfie, sports, macro, bulb and double exposure mode.

7. Fujifilm Instax mini 26 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Fujifilm has a long list of instant Polaroid cameras and Instax mini 26 is also one of them. It is a perfect, stylish yet inexpensive Polaroid camera that can be used at different occasions to quickly print the moments of joy. The camera is lightweight having dimensions (112 x 121 x 50.5 mm) and can be purchased from Amazon at a very low price. This mini instant camera is ergonomic with a perfect handgrip. It works with replaceable  CR2 Lithium Batteries which can easily capture 30 pictures. This cam is available in three different color combinations, White/Cream, White/Blue and White/Pink.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 has an impressive 60mm Fujinon lens which can focus from a distance of 0.5m or more. The lens can also be used to take close-up images up to 35 centimeters away from the camera. This allows you to magnify the subject into a large image without distorting the quality.

There are two shutter buttons to capture the image. One button is for the portrait mode and the other is for the Landscape mode. This makes it easy to take a picture in any mode so you don’t need to rotate your arm or adjust your neck to take the picture.

To take the selfie, there is a small mirror beside the lens. This camera has a perfect flash to brighten the image. When taking the image using the default setting, the camera detects the background light and adjust the shutter speed accordingly for the perfect snap.

8. Lomography Lomo Instant Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Lomography announced the most desirable best Instant camera that has many more features and control options for daily routine photography. With so many options of modifier and potential combination, it is more fun now to capture instant snaps/photographs. The size of the camera is somewhat big but still, it can easily fit in the average hands. The design is similar to many Vintage style Polaroid cameras. It is available in five cool colors that include brown, blue, green, white & black.


The camera comes with many adapter lenses and camera modes. On the front side, there is a focus selector that has three basic modes, mountain, body, and face. The default lens is 35 mm that can be stepped down to 22mm using the attachment lens. Lomo Instant wide has bulb mode and a PC synchronizing port to do multiple exposures.

9. Impossible Polaroid 600 square Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Impossible Polaroid 600 is a bulky yet still the best vintage Polaroid camera to take instant snaps. This camera is not as beautiful as Snap Touch Polaroid but this can be more fun to use especially when you want to try the manual options. This cam is currently refurbished by Impossible and comes with an extended frog tongue from Impossible which ensures complete development of film when it is expelled from the camera. The size of the camera is (7″x 7″ x 6″).


Coming to the features, it comes with a single-element 106mm lens that can focus as far as 4 feet away and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It contains a built-in single-use battery to power both the camera and the flash. The flash charging is automatic and it charges in a few seconds when you insert the film or switch on the camera. The major specifications of the camera are as below.

10. Impossible Project I-1 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The Impossible 1-1 is an instant analog camera with Polaroid film. The manufacturer of this camera “Impossible Project” team released this version of Polaroid camera to preserve instant Polaroid snaps after it was revealed by the Polaroid that they are going to kill it.

This is the first camera made by the team that uses 600 type film & supports Bluetooth connectivity. The thing that makes this camera different from the other is its stylish design and look. The matte-black finish gives it a luxury touch and makes its handling more comfortable. The size is smaller as compared to the old 600 models. Exact dimensions are (5.7 by 4.3 by 4.3 inch) and weight of the device is 15.5 ounce.


There is a viewfinder at the top attached with three powerful magnets that can be folded down when not in use.  It consists of two glass pieces. The rear element for the eye and the front glass which is about an inch away from the rear glass. Parallax adjustment is difficult if you are not an expert in using viewfinder of this kind of camera. If the two pieces are not properly lined up, you will not get the image that you expect. To make the line straight between the two glass element, there is a dot in the rear camera and a circle imprinted on the front camera to make the adjustment.

The impossible project I-1 comes with an internal rechargeable battery which is non-removable so you need to plug in the USB in order to charge the camera. When fully charged, one can take almost 120 pictures.

The front side has a lens surrounded by many small LED’s that serve the purpose of the flashlight.  The camera works perfectly with Impossible 600 and I-1 films. With the Bluetooth connectivity option, one gets access to many options available with the I-1 Android or iPhone camera app. There are many adjustment options available in-app like shutter speed, aperture, focus control, and flash power. There is also a scanner option to digitize the final image.

How to Pick Polaroid Camera – A Buyer’s Guide

There are many best Polaroid cameras available in the market. Each of them has different features but which one to choose is a difficult question. While choosing the camera, you should consider many factors according to your needs and requirement. One may compromise the battery timing but require high quality of the image. While another person may choose a camera having different modes of exposure and brightness adjustments. While writing the above best Polaroid camera reviews, we have compared some special factors that are very important to consider when choosing an instant camera. Following are some of the important features you should keep in mind in order to pick the right product.

  • Price
  • Camera Lens
  • Exposure/Brightness control options
  • Battery
  • Design of the Camera
  • Specifications
  • Image Capturing modes
  • Film type

These factors vary from amateur to experienced photographers. Considering all these factors, one can select a suitable Polaroid camera. I hope that after reading the above instant camera reviews, you will be able to select the best available option for yourself and enjoy the limitless fun by taking instant photographs of priceless moments in your life.

Why you should have a Polaroid Camera?

While the magic of Photography is still in the air, the importance & demand for Polaroid cameras keeps on increasing. With the modernization of the technology, The modern digital cameras have occupied the Photography market but still, instant cameras are being used by many professionals and armatures to instantly capture & store their precious moments of life. The biggest benefit of Polaroid camera is that you instantaneously get the retro style print in your hand. As you click the shutter button, the camera magic starts and after a few seconds, you have that precious moment stored on the paper for the whole of your life.

Although photography with Polaroid is an expensive hobby, still it is not a bad option. The instant cameras encourage the user to use the basic photography skills & to select the composition carefully considering the inbuilt camera options. You have the option to choose the best camera film out of dozens of available options. One can use border film or black and white films to add extra crisp in the photographs. While using the DSLR or Digital cameras people usually don’t take photographs carefully as they can always clean the memory to get more space for new images. But with Polaroid cameras, users need to be very careful while capturing every single shot as it costs much to them. You can capture & paste these credit card size images anywhere in your room. So whenever you look on them, they will revive the memories of your beautiful past.

Polaroid cams are an important gadget if you are a frequent traveler. You would love to click those memorable moments with your hosts, take printouts and gift them to your loved ones. You can use it on events like birthday parties, wedding functions, formal gatherings hangouts to capture the moments of joy and share the images with your friends and relatives. It is really enjoyable to save memories while doing photography in the retro 90’s style.


Photography is not just a hobby but its also a nice way to preserve memorable events. It’s always a good option to have the best Polaroid camera to keep the print-outs of photos with you.  having a Polaroid camera, there is no need to worry about data loss. Some latest releases even allow you to keep the digital file stored in the memory along with a print out of it.

When you will visit the nearby market or some online store, there you will find hundreds of instant snap cameras. There are dozens of options for all budgets ranging from cheap Polaroid camera with low price to high-end expensive cameras with advanced functions.

Overall Polaroid camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale is live now, the Polaroid camera is a good versatile machine, free of major defects. If you still got any question or suggestions regarding the Polaroid camera Deal. All of these are equipped with the latest technology and can be purchased online from Amazon store. Good Luck! if you have any doubt, you can write to us in the comment section below, we will definitely respond to you back very soon.