10 High-Quality Paintball Guns at costco | June 2021

Not all paintball guns are created equal.Whether you play with your friends recreationally or in a competitive mil-sim game, having the best gun can mean everything to heightening your experience and ensuring that nothing gets left up to chance.A lot of it comes down to individual preference – there is no one size fits all definition for what makes an excellent marker because they vary so much by player’s style and preferences when playing the game!

Paintballs have been around since 1981 but even more recently than that has gone through such developments as being able rely on CO2 cartridges rather then hand pumps which made them start looking like real weapons; this led some people who played outdoors using these new markers (guns) felt unsafe due their resemblance to

The paintballs used as ammo will be dye-filled gelatin capsules that will not only break upon impact but also spray each member with various different colors. There’s no need to worry about running out of ammunition when your team is faced with a long string of opponents, because compressed air or carbon dioxide can power the weapons for up to 2000 rounds on one charge!

Anyone can play paintball, but some arenas or places where the game is played have age requirements to participate in certain rounds. In this section of our guide, however no matter how old you are we’re going to help find a gun that matches your ability and preference! We’ll go through features available on guns throughout the article so make sure not miss out any important information as well.

Anyone can play paintball – it doesn’t matter how young or old you are- even though there may be restrictions at designated venues for specific games, like round limits for younger players (under 18) who need parental consent before participating. Paintballs will hurt if they get hit by one which makes them an excellent form of exercise; playing against friends also provides

This is a comprehensive guide that breaks down all of the aspects to consider when looking at paintball guns. A few important points are highlighted below: -The weight can affect how quickly you’ll fatigue and lead to muscle strain, so make sure it’s not too heavy or light for your body type. -There should be two different fire rates per second (fps) levels on any gun with one being lower than the other depending on if you’re playing casually vs competitively. The higher FPS level will give more power in order to break through obstacles while reducing recoil during shooting.-You want a professional grade warranty because its guaranteed protection against defects like scratches, dents, and broken screws as well as possible damage from water exposure or dropping it

Editor’S Choice : Planet Eclipse Etek5 – At Costco

Editor’S Choice : Planet Eclipse Etek5 - At Costco

The Planet Eclipse Etek5 is a rugged paintball marker that has been battle-tested and proven to be durable enough for any game situation. With its innovative design, adjustable feedneck, ambidextrous frame options, quick release bolt removal system and new trigger with two different settings – you’ll always have the perfect shot waiting in your hands!
The ergonomic grip provides excellent control over this efficient weapon while an easy one handed loader keeps loading time at bay. The low profile anti chop breakbeam eye station helps keep incoming balls from jamming or breaking inside of your gun which can ruin games if theyre not well maintained by players before gameplay starts.

The zick3 rammer system, cure5 bolt and larger valve chamber make this marker the best on the market. No one can beat it with a higher lpr pressure than 85psi.

The Eclipse Etek5 is a marker designed to be as realistic and life-like as possible. Not only does it have an authentic exterior, but some of its features also mimic those found in real guns! The camo color not only makes you hard to see at distance – perfect for sneaking up on your prey before they know what hit them – but will help camouflage the used paintballs from other players too.

In today’s fast paced world where we are besieged with advancements in technology everywhere, it can be difficult to find markers that truly imitate the performance of their more expensive counterparts (especially considering how well known many brands like Crosman or Daisy are). Fortunately this isn’t true when dealing with Planet eclipse etek5s: these products

Upgrade Pick : Empire Paintball Bt Dfender – At Costco

Upgrade Pick : Empire Paintball Bt Dfender - At Costco

The Empire paintball BT DFender is a powerful upgrade pick with capabilities of up to 900 psi, outshining the last pick by 300! This versatile gun shoots magnesium shells that are designed for long-range precision shots.
The empire bt dfender features an ultra-strong and lightweight design which makes it easy to maneuver through tight corridors or around objects while shooting at your opponents. The fan on this model also helps keep you cool during intense games in the summer heat as well as keeping dirt from infiltrating into its inner chamber when not being used.
This easily customizable weapon can be modified according to player preference whether they need more power, range, accuracy–whatever their needs may be.

The empire paintball bt dfender is a lightweight and compact marker that has an easy-to-reach z2 loader which makes it perfect for beginners. It also comes with the self-calibrating speed sensor, so you won’t have to worry about your loader at all!

If you’re looking for a gun that will not only be ready-to-go right out of the box, but requires no adjustment or maintenance whatsoever once it’s there; this is your weapon. The only thing required to get started with shooting other than buying ammo is changing its battery every now and then!

The convenience doesn’t stop at just being set up and prepped right off the bat – even when they need new batteries changed, all you need are basic tools to change these without any hassle.

Best Long Range : Dye Proto Rize Maxxed – At Costco

Best Long Range : Dye Proto Rize Maxxed - At Costco

Many people want a powerful paintball marker, but not everyone knows what the different types are. If you’re looking for one that is of high quality and has a max psi of 4500 straight out-of-the box then look no further than the dye proto rize maxxed! Straight from its two piece 14 barrel to it’s highly accurate shots at long distances this gun can’t be beat in any way.

The Proto-Rize Maxxed paintball gun has a lever lock clamping feed neck which makes it easy to insert the ball into the marker and keep your hopper secure. This is perfect if you move around constantly during a game because there will be no worries about losing any balls or having them fall out of their holder

You can also rely on the lever lock clamping feed neck of this dye proto rize maxxed to make feeding in paintballs during games an easy feat, keeping your loader secured throughout each round. Especially for those that may not stay put when they play due to natural movement like running and jumping – this markers got ya covered!

Since this paintball marker is designed using patented fusion bolt spool valve technology, you can adjust that 4500 psi all the way down to 140. However, if you want a smooth shot while firing from your gun then set it at around 160-180 depending on what type of environment and terrain features lie in front of your target.

Since its design includes patented Fusion Bolt Spool Valve Technology™; owners have complete control over their pressure settings which range anywhere between 140 and 5400 PSI (pounds per square inch). If they desire a smoother shooting experience with less recoil or kickback than setting the air tank’s pressurization level somewhere near 180 PSI would be ideal for use in different environments such as outdoors where there are many

Best Sniper : Empire Paintball Mini Gs – At Costco

Best Sniper : Empire Paintball Mini Gs - At Costco

If youre one of those players who like to set themselves up far away, the Empire Paintball Mini GS is perfect for you. The gun has a comfortable grip and its lightweight so it wont slow your movements down whatsoever. You can easily get high and out of sight with this rifle while still being able to hit your target!

The ____ includes an array of special features, including a powerful 12-inch barrel that will make it easy to hit your targets. It also has the ability to fire up to 480 balls per minute and can be lowered or adjusted for those who have trouble with their arms reaching far enough down on occasion.

The high quality paintball gun is specially designed so you don’t need to take one for the team as often when playing sniper in order win games quickly against whoever’s left at the end!

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-carry paintball gun that can still pack plenty of power (and accuracy), the Tippman Mini isn’t your average mini. Powered by battle proven technology and with its 2 pound weight, there is no doubt this will be one of the most reliable guns in use anywhere today!

The battlefield has never seen anything like it before – but if we know history then everybody else soon will too because at only two pounds in weight, 210 psi max pressure and built from tough polymers to protect against harsh conditions on any playing field imaginable; there’s just no reason not to have these high performance weapons right now while they are so inexpensive. Just imagine what kind of advantage you’ll give yourself

Best Magazine Fed : Tippmann Tipx Paintball Pistol – At Costco

Best Magazine Fed : Tippmann Tipx Paintball Pistol - At Costco

The Tippmann Tipx paintball pistol is a relatively new innovation in the market for close range shooting. This gun only holds about 350 psi and fires at 8 bps, which means there will be no long-range shots from this marker. However, as a handgun it’s an excellent choice – one that you should take advantage of while supplies last!

The .68 caliber paintball pistol will leave you in a real mil-slim combat, with its compact design that weighs only 1.8 pounds and is equipped to be customized for your playstyle thanks to the customizable shell!

The slim profile of this lightweight gun hides an aggressive little shooter – The powerful 68 caliber ammunition can shoot up to 250 feet per second so it’s not just accurate but also really fast! With enough time behind one trigger, we’re sure you’ll have all the experience fighting wars on digital battlefields without ever leaving home.

So you’re sick of losing to your opponents? Well, don’t worry! The Tippmann pistol is the perfect weapon for any shooter who wants an edge. With its metal trigger that leaves anyone shooting with ease, and quick release from magazine feed system in case of a jamming issue, it’s no wonder why people rave about this gun on YouTube. Want more info? Check out our website today!

The Tipx Pistol has various features like: a self-locking mechanism which ensures safe usage; its 8 ball clip that won’t leave you running low or reloading too often; and even though there are other pistols available at cheaper prices – we guarantee ours will have many years worth of use before needing repairs or replacement parts

Best Mechanical Paintball Gun : Konkor Mk47-1 Ak-47 Paintball Rifle – At Costco

Best Mechanical Paintball Gun : Konkor Mk47-1 Ak-47 Paintball Rifle - At Costco

The konkor mk47-1 ak-47 paintball rifle is the pinnacle of realism in a gun. With its heavyweight build, which feels just like the real thing, this replica will have any player looking for authenticity feeling right at home on their first day playing with it out there.

The paintball industry is growing and with the rise in popularity of this sport, more people are looking to upgrade their look. Companies like GXG have released new guns that come pre-installed with a number features such as an on board regulator for improved accuracy, recoil suppression systems to make it easier for beginners during play time, customizable camo finishes so players can match their gun against terrain or color schemes they find appealing.

The most recent release from GXG has been well received by those who’ve played games before and now want something better than what’s currently available at local stores around town – not only does our newest model look great but also comes equipped with a whopping four different firing modes: semi-auto single shot mode designed especially

The Konkor MK47-1 AK-47 paintball rifle is an excellent choice for anyone looking to play like the real thing. This gun can shoot in both semi and full auto modes, giving you more options than just rapid fire as with other guns on the market. The .68 caliber lets this weapon pack a punch at close range that many others lack while also being accurate when shooting from long distances thanks to its elevated front sight post and leaf rear aperture sights (notch).

The only downside of getting one of these bad boys? They are currently out of stock due to high demand!

Most Realistic : Umarex Walther Ppq M2 – At Costco

Most Realistic : Umarex Walther Ppq M2 - At Costco

A paintball gun is not a toy. Thats the mantra of any serious player who wants to play in Mil-Sim style, where realism and military tactical training are paramount for success on the field. The umarex walther ppq m2 has been hailed as one of most realistic guns you can purchase if this level of commitment suits your game plan and budget
It’s hard to say anything about the Umarex Walther PPQ M2 without first mentioning its incredible accuracy and startlingly realistic feel that makes it perfect for those looking to get into mil-sim gaming or train with an airsoft replica before entering real life combat situations – all thanks to its authentic weighting, recoil effect system (electronic blowback), adjustable hop

The perfect hand paintball gun to have in your arsenal is the umarex walther ppq m2. With its fully-licensed, walther trademarks and design that makes it looks just like a real firearm, you’ll never regret adding this weapon into your collection of guns. It has a full metal slide with front and rear serrations for sliding over obstacles quickly without snagging on anything or getting caught up while trying to run away from an opponent who’s chasing after them frantically! The barrel is short but highly functional because when shooting at close range there are fewer chances of missing one guy out of three directly next to each other as opposed to if they were all lined up yards apart on their own targets waiting patiently…The exterior frame was reinforced

The umarex walther ppq m2 is a fantastic and powerful airsoft gun, with an ergonomic design. This grip breaks in easy as you use it more often, so even beginners can enjoy this weapon without any problems. The hop up system on the bottom of the barrel also adjusts to your specific shooting needs- whether that’s extra range or accuracy at close ranges! You don’t have worry about safety either because there are multiple safeties built into place for protection–the trigger guard ensure safe handling while keeping fingers away from the muzzle when not firing; another internal lock stops accidental discharge if dropped onto hard surfaces like concrete (or other materials). If you want to take things one step further than just modifying your pistol – say by adding

Best Package : Maddog Azodin Kaos 2 – At Costco

Best Package : Maddog Azodin Kaos 2 - At Costco

The maddog azodin kaos 2 is the perfect gun for any beginner looking to take their game up a level. With an easy trigger pull, this sleek and stylish weapon makes beginners feel like pros in no time at all!

The Maddog Azodin KAOS2 has everything that your beginning needs: it’s light weight with its high quality aluminum build so you can maintain better control while making shots and enjoy longer gameplay sessions without getting tired as easily; moreover, there are many features on board including semi-automatic mode which allows greater accuracy when shooting targets from close range (up to 25ft) too–making 20 rounds per second possible thanks to its powerful CO2 tank. What more could a newcomer ask for?

Theres a lot of stuff in this package! Youll get: 1 20 oz.Co2 Tank, 200 Round Paintball Hopper (empty), Anti-Fog Mask and Masks with Protective Lenses for Safety, 4 140 round Pods and Jerk Barrel Squeegee to Help Prevent Splatter from the Gun. With all these supplies you’ll be ready as soon as its delivered or will easily replenish your gear that might have run out while playing at some point during the day!

The Kaos 2 is one of the few guns in Maddog’s arsenal that doesn’t try to be more than what it really needs to. The gun itself, designed with a sleek and ergonomic build for durability and simplicity means you’re not going overboard when aiming down sights or changing targets quickly- even if they are at different distances from each other. It has been sought out because of these features; its lightweight design makes handling easier as well whether your target is close or far away– making this ideal for quick-targeting scenarios like
sniper missions!

Best For Beginners : Tippman Us Army Project Salvo – At Costco

Best For Beginners : Tippman Us Army Project Salvo - At Costco

The tippman us army project salvo is the perfect beginners gun with its military style and customization. The ar15 styled shroud, four picatinny rails for customizing your gear, and velocity adjuster are just some of the features that will make you stand out as a beginner coming into their first game in style!

Tippman has a long history of designing high-performance paintball guns for the US Military. The newest Tippmann Army Project Salvo is no exception to this legacy, boasting an 11 quick thread barrel and removable sights.

The company’s new design also includes proven high performance in-line bolt system that will give you accuracy designed specifically for milsim players who need as much power on their shots as possible without sacrificing reliability or durability

I’ve been playing paintball for about a year now. I started with the basics, but you can upgrade your gear as you get better to make it more exciting and improve your game play experience. We have everything from beginner-level barrels all the way up to 98 custom response trigger upgrades available both online and in our store!

The new player might start off with something basic like a Spyder RT or Empire Axe (both great options), but they’ll eventually want an upgraded barrel that’s even faster than what comes on these models already – so we offer items such as 98 Custom Response Triggers, Flatline Barrels, etc., just waiting for them when they’re ready to take their skills further into some serious competition.

Budget Pick : Tippmann Cronus – At Costco

Budget Pick : Tippmann Cronus - At Costco

Being on a budget shouldn’t stop you from still having an adequate paintball gun. The Tippmann Cronus is the perfect budget gun and one of the best woodsball guns on the market. This reliable, durable weapon will have your enemies fleeing before they even know what hit them!

Who said that you can’t take it with you? The Goldsprint’s 3.7 lb weight is the lightest in its class, and its 800psi makes reaching long distances a breeze!

The Goldsprints’ lightweight design at only 3.7 lbs means less fatigue while running around on your feet all day–it also has an impressive psi of 800 so even if they’re far away from home plate, strike them out high above with ease!

The Tippmann Cronus comes with a mock silencer and front sight! This is perfect for players who need to cover up their position. The included kit also includes the necessary tools, which will be very useful if you plan on using your marker in different scenarios such as speedball or woods ball.

Buying Guide

Paintball guns are the backbone of any paintball player. Some features to look out for is if it’s gas or CO2 powered, how many shots per second and rounds in a magazine size you want to go with, what barrel length does your marker have? What about your grip style that will be more comfortable for you personally? You can also find some great info on beginner tips like safety gear!

Ready to play?! Not yet… first off, here at PaintPottery we’re going over everything from gun basics all the way up through advanced strategies on how best use them as well as other equipment. Even beginners need help understanding this complex game–and our helpful guide should give enough information so they don’t get discouraged

Don’t head out to the paintball field without first arming yourself with these handy tips. First and foremost, you’ll need a sturdy pair of knee pads for protection against those dastardly shots from your opponents. Next up is some quality safety goggles in order to protect your eyes; it’s better than risking them getting scratched or damaged during the game! Finally, don’t forget about some all-weather gear so that you’re prepared no matter what type of climate changes are thrown at us on any given day outside – this will include hats, gloves (ideally waterproof), pants/long sleeves for warmth and coverage as well as shoes suitable enough for running around outdoors while still being comfortable when worn inside too!

Playing paintball is like the most thrilling game out there! There are different types of games, such as woodsball, speed ball and rec ball. Woodsball has you fighting in an outdoor setting with natural obstacles; it’s a little more challenging but definitely more fun too! Speed balls have no cover at all so your only goal is to be faster than everyone else on the field which can make for some awesome adrenaline rushes. Recballs focus less on physical exertion and instead try to simulate real-life combat situations that could happen if you were playing milsim or army style paintbalm battles where camouflage gear was necessary because it keeps things realistic while still being super fun and fast paced – they’re also great when trying time pressure isn’t something players

Woodsball, a variation of paint ball that is more difficult and physical than the traditional version. For this type of game you will need any style or make up gun – whether it be an electronic marker like Planet Eclipse Etek5 or Umarex Walther PPQ M2 – as long as your choice follows in line with what “role” you’re playing! You might want to play sniper so get yourself something long barrel for example; or if on ground then why not try out one our handguns? There are plenty different types available such but don’t worry about picking through all these options just yet because we have some helpful tips coming right at ya’

If you want to play paintball and not be targeted at all, then a smaller model is the way to go. The best thing about this type of gun is that it allows for an easy game due because they’re lightweight. Most players have specific requirements which means your paintball pistol needs to meet them too if you plan on playing often!

Paintballs are typically used in recreational activities such as speed ball or woods ball games where participants compete against each other using pistols loaded with non-lethal ammunition made from spherical gelatin capsules filled with water soluble dye and compressed air; these capsule break upon impact leaving colored stains while creating temporary marks without causing any injury whatsoever (Source: Wikipedia). There’s no question why most people choose their own guns based

Recball is more or less an alternative to paintball, where you can make up any rules. Essentially it’s just a way for people who love rec sports but don’t have the opportunity often enough to play with friends and family members!

RecBall stands as a great option if you’re looking for something other than traditional paint balling- coming up with your own set of rules instead of following general ones like what type of gun should be used in this game may sound intimidating at first, but hey that’s why we’ve got RecBalls – they are much easier on average (though some do take their rule making fairly seriously).

What if I told you that there is a way to get better at your favorite sport without any of the sweating, running and jumping? You would probably think it was some sort of scam. Well here’s what most people don’t realize: research has shown that playing video games can have psychological benefits such as improving moods and building skills in spatial awareness for those who are not athletically inclined. It also improves hand-eye coordination! So next time somebody asks “why do you play so much video game?” tell them its because they’re good for us!

The planet eclipse etek5 is the best all-around paintball gun because it’s lightweight and accurate. The barrels length of 14 has never been seen before in a marker, making long shots easier to land than ever before! It only weighs 2 pounds which makes carrying this baby around less strenuous for those more experienced players who need quick mobility between intense games.

The Empire Paintball BT DFender is the newest, most advanced paintball gun in town. It’s so high-quality with its 900 psi power that it backs up this quality with a lifetime warranty! If you’re looking for an upgrade from your beginner gun and want to take things seriously, then get yourself one of these bad boys ASAP before they sell out!