20 Best Massage Chair Black Friday Deals [2021]

Best Massage Chair Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021: Frequently Throughout the day, we find ourselves stiff from sitting in the office chair, behind the driving wheel, or another uncomfortable position. And even if we physically active through the day, at night our muscles ache and are asking for good care.

Best Massage Chair Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Best Massage Chair Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Unfortunately, with a modern rhythm of life, it’s hard to find time to visit a massage therapist regularly. Fortunately, nowadays it’s not a huge problem, because the massage chair industry reached unbelievable heights in the realm of massage therapy.

High-end chairs offer you full-body massage and stretching, which can be compared with real hands of a good therapist. And the best part: you don’t need to go anywhere, it’s right in the comfort of your own home.

The regular price for high-end chairs is somewhere in a range of $4,000 to $10,000.

Almost all of the modern massage chairs in this “high end” category have such features as Zero-Gravity Recline (position in which your body feels weightless), full-body massage (including full-legs and arms), auto-detection of your body composition and stretching program.

But how can you choose a perfect massage chair for yourself? That’s where our guide will serve you. We will compare several of the best massage chairs for this Black Friday & Cyber Monday in a specific price range category, so you find that which will fit your needs and your wallet perfectly.

These are the Best Massage Chair Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021:

OSAKI OS-3D PRO Cyber Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair, Black
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2 new from $5,795.00
Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair
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2 new from $381.21
STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II - Ultra-Strong, Lightweight, Folding Tattoo Spa Massage Chair with Wheels & Carry Case (600lbs Working Weight)
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4 new from $389.00
1 used from $399.00
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Glossary of Massage Chair Terminology

When most people go shopping for a massage chair for the first time, they are overwhelmed by the plethora of confusing and often weird-sounding words massage chair marketing companies are so fond of using. In the list below, we demystify the terminology associated with massage chairs and explain exactly what each term means.

S – Track Roller

Massage chairs commonly use rollers to deliver the message. The track simply describes the path the rollers travel during the massage.

S-track technology was originally used in massage chairs and is still used in many massage chairs today. An S-track roller typical stops at the tailbone.

L – Track Roller

Later models massage chairs started using L-track massage rollers and these provided a longer reach for the massage. The Infinity Iyashi was the first massage chair to use L-track massage rollers and its massage stroke was an impressive 46 inches. L-track rollers normally have a stroke that reaches from the neck right down to the buttocks. Be aware though that the mere fact that a massage chair offers L-track rollers does not automatically mean the longest massage reach. Many massage chairs with L-track technology only reach up to the upper glutes. It’s always a good idea to check the reach of the rollers in inches to make sure you’re comparing apples with apples.

Zero Gravity 

Nowadays, the zero gravity option is a very popular feature found in many massage chairs. Although it might sound like something from a sci-fi movie, zero gravity simply refers to the body’s position when the legs are raised higher than the heart. This is also known as weightlessness, as it is very little, or no strain on the body when it is in this position. A zero gravity position is very good to improve blood circulation which in turn triggers relaxation. When a message is done in this position, it tends to be at least three times more effective than it would be if the body were in any other position. The zero gravity feature is present in most good massage chairs.

Foot Rollers

As the name implies, foot rollers are used to massage the feet. These are located in the foot massager under the foot soles, as it has been found that this stimulates the tsubo points in the feet. Using rollers to massage feet leaves the user feeling rejuvenated and more relaxed. Rollers are more effective at massaging the feet than what airbags are, as they push into the feet, spinning back and forth to provide a stunning therapeutic experience.


Every modern massage chair contains airbag technology to provide a massage. The airbags inflate and deflate, pushing against the body to provide a massage-like experience.

Body Scans

Massage chairs commonly use a body scan in order to adjust both the massage rollers and the airbags based on the user’s body type. This makes sense if you consider that users of the same length will have many different masses and widths. Including a body, scan ensures that the massage chair is able to massage all the right places, irrespective of different user stature and size.

Space Saving Chairs

Massage chairs with the zero gravity feature need space to move into the reclined position. This often means that the chair has to be positioned a fair distance away from a wall which is not always aesthetically pleasing and could also mean that space in the room is wasted. Massage chairs with a space-saving feature solve this problem by the design of the chair requiring a much smaller distance to move into the reclined position. Where chairs without this feature would need to be placed as far as 2 feet away from a wall, a space-saving chair would only need a few inches.

Massage Chair Benefits

  1. Relaxes the muscles

If you work at a desk where you mainly sit all day or have to drive for long periods at a time, your muscles will quickly become stiff and sore. Ten minutes of massage per day will relax and loosen your muscles, thereby getting rid of the pain. Massage chairs use both rollers and airbags and many models have the facility whereby you can target specific areas of the body. Massage intensity, as well as the massage mode (percussion, kneading, or compression),  are also often adjustable.

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress

One of the things we all have to deal with in our modern lives is stress. Various studies done over the years show that if stress is not managed properly, it can lead to numerous psychological and physical disorders including an elevated heart rate, nervousness, insomnia, increased blood pressure, general restlessness and fatigue. Being able to use your massage chair at home whenever you want is a great way to relieve stress. Many of the higher-end massage chair models include heat pads that target the head, neck and shoulder areas to reduce stress.

  1. Improves sleep

Anxiety and stress often trigger insomnia. A ten minutes quality massage session in your chair before going to bed will help you relax and forget about the everyday worries in your life. This will create a soothing atmosphere that will ultimately help you fall asleep and give you a good night’s rest.

  1. Improved blood circulation

Increasing blood circulation throughout the body gives the skin a warm feeling and a healthy color. It also increased the brain’s sharpness and focus. An increase in blood circulation also enhances cell growth and aids in recovering from illness and wounds. Diabetics often suffer from low blood pressure. This can easily be treated by using a soothing (Swedish) massage mode, which increases blood circulation very effectively.

  1. Migraines

Migraines are painful headaches that normally affect one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea, blurred vision, and vomiting. Having regular massage therapy sessions helps relax muscle spasms and trigger points, which in turn leads to a decreased risk of migraines. When in the grip of a migraine attack, a massage focusing on the head, shoulders, and neck will alleviate the pain and delirium effectively.

  1. Improves the immunity system

It might come as a surprise to learns that regular massage sessions have benefits other than immediate relaxation you experience. Gail Ironson conducted a study where men that were HIV positive were treated for a month with 45-minute massage sessions 5 times per week. The results of the study indicated that the immune cells responsible for fighting off bacteria and infection experienced enhanced growth. This proves that regular massages could improve your overall ability to fight bacteria and infection.

  1. Improves the posture

The main cause of back and neck pain is bad posture. It is however very difficult to focus on maintaining a good posture during normal daily activities. A massage helps in this respect by loosening sore and stiff muscles, helping you get back to a pain-free, natural posture.

  1. Alleviates back pain

Back pain is a very common problem in modern society with more than 3 million cases reported in the United States alone. Studies have shown that massaging is effective in treating back pain and benefits could last up to 6 months. Deep tissue and Swedish massages are specifically recommended to alleviate back pain.

  1. Improved muscle flexibility

Stretched muscles could lead to a severe loss of flexibility. Massaging is a great way to relax the muscles, giving you greater flexibility and range of motion.

  1. Improves breathing

Taking short and labored shallow breaths are the result of the abdominal and rib cage muscles being stretched. In a study done by Anna Williams, she found that when the back and front respiratory muscles in the upper body are tightened, this leads result to constricted breathing. Massage therapy is effective in relaxing and loosening these muscles, which in turn leads to the opening of the chest, thereby restoring normal breathing.

The Best Massage Chair Reviews’ Buyers Guide for Massage Chairs

It is tricky to buy any high priced item online. Questions asked during the buying process include concerns about the quality, the return on investment, and whether one should buy online rather than in a local store.

In this buyers guide, we’ll try to answer your frequently asked questions and address common concerns.

Can I really afford a massage chair?

If you have ever had a massage, be it regularly or only once in a while, you’ll know that getting a massage is not cheap. Prices can range from $50 to $120 per hour and for massage therapy to really be effective, it has to be done a couple of times per week.

If you, for example, have a massage once per week at a cost of $75 per session, you will spend $3600 per year. If you, however, decided to buy a massage chair for that price, the chair will have paid for itself within a year, and all massages after that will effectively be free of charge. As a good massage chair typically lasts for many years, and you could use it as often as you like, this sounds like a very good deal to me.

Add to that the convenience of having the massage sessions in the comfort of your home, plus the benefit of having the rest of your family or friends also using it, and the deal becomes even sweeter.


One of the major benefits of having your own massage chair is that it will always be accessible to you, no matter what time of day or night. You will no longer have to make an appointment or be limited by the hours the massage therapist is open for business.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with your neck in a spasm because you slept in a funny position. You could simply flop into your massage chair and take care of the problem right then and there.

The same scenario applies when you wake up in the morning or arrive home from work all stressed out. If you have a massage chair at home, you can indulge in a massage session whenever you need it, and it is very difficult to add a price tag to that accessibility level.


Getting a massage has health benefits that go far beyond the instant relaxation and pleasure experienced during and after the massage session.

Numerous studies have shown that a massage will relieve stress and help you manage anxiety and depression. Massage therapy also relieves muscle stiffness and pain, regulates the blood pressure, boosts the immune system, speeds up recovery from injury, detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation. Massage therapy is often used to help treat cancer by stimulating the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and helping with fatigue and nausea. A massage chair in your home will improve your quality of life and potentially save you money on health-related issues, all by you simply relaxing and enjoying the massage.

What Features Should I Look For?

When shopping for a massage chair, there is a bewildering range of strange-sounding terms that are used in the marketing of massage chairs. We’ll look at the featured we think are most beneficial and break them down into easy to understand so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at. Please note that we won’t discuss all the features that might be available, but only focus on those that we think will add the most value to your purchase.

Massaging Techniques

There are a number of massaging techniques massage chairs use to provide pain relief, relaxation, and detoxification. These range from deep tissue to Swedish and Shiatsu. Find out which type of massage you like best and select the chair that offers that type of massage.

The intensity of the Massage

The massage intensity will be different for different brands. With many massage chairs, you have the option to change the massage’s intensity and pressure so you can set it to deliver exactly what you like most. The massage intensity delivered by a specific model of the massage chair is directly linked to how many motors the massage chair uses. More motors normally mean more power resulting in a more intense massage. Extra power is often better, as it is possible to soften the massage intensity with padding. It is however never possible to add power to a massage chair.

Do I Fit in a Massage Chair?

Many massage chairs cater to all body sizes and types.

If you’re however much shorter, taller, thinner, or wider than average, you’ll need to consider this before buying a specific massage chair. Some massage chairs have weight or height limitations. If this is the case, it will be mentioned in the specs. Massage chairs also come in varying widths to accommodate different body types.


A massage chair is commonly upholstered in either synthetic or real leather. Although real leather might seem like the obvious choice as it is supposedly a better quality, synthetic leather manufactured specifically to cope with the considerable heat generated by the massage chairs’ moving components and heating pads (when these are an option on the chair) is a better option. Real leather needs more maintenance and is likely to fade and crack if you don’t look after it properly.


Heating is included in various massage chairs to loosen muscles during a massage. This significantly increases the massage’s benefits. Heat also helps to soothe pains and aches and increases blood circulation.

Roller Stroke

The reach of the massage roller stroke is critical to the effectiveness and feel of the massage. The lengthier the stroke, the bigger the area on your back that will be massaged. This delivers a message closer to the one a massage therapist is able to perform. Many low to mid-range massage chairs have shorter massage strokes which do not reach up to the neck. Massage chairs on the higher end of the scale have massage strokes about 30 inches or more. These chairs are able to massage the lower back, neck and even the buttocks.

Automatic Massage Programs

Massage chairs that feature massage programs enable the user to quickly and easily start a massage session that contains pre-programmed cycles incorporating a number of massage types.

A massage timer is also a pretty standard feature, enabling you to set the required time at the touch of a button, sit back, relax and let the chair automatically do the work for as long as you have selected.

Higher priced chair models will even allow the user to save programs to their favorites, or enable the saving of customized massage programs. Mapping technology is incorporated in various high-end models. This technology detects which areas are tense or stiff and then adapts their program to increase the frequency, duration and / or intensity of the massage to those areas.

Air Compression Massage

Most massage chairs use airbags to add pressure to specific areas of the body. The airbags fill with air and then deflate to squeeze and release, increasing circulation and adding a human touch to the massage. Airbags are normally located in the chair backrest and seat, and in some cases, the arm and headrests. Some technologically advanced chairs apply mechanical and air pressure massage at the same time. Although this improves the massage experience tremendously, it also increases the price of the chair substantially.

Massage Roller

When you are shopping for a massage chair, take note of how many massage rollers the chair has, as this makes a big difference in what the massage feels like. Two to four rollers in a massage chair is pretty standard, although some have more rollers, these are most likely fixed in a specific position. If the chair has four rollers, the massage will be very lifelike and you will be able to combine massage techniques such as kneading, rolling and tapping massage.

Another great feature to watch out for is “grasp and knead” rollers. These act like a human thumb and fingers and are used to massage the neck and shoulders. This will relieve tension from the areas of the body that are most commonly tight and inflamed.

Recline Angle

In our opinion, the degree to which a massage chair can tilt back or recline is a major factor that should be considered when you shop for a massage chair.

Some massage chairs offer what is called the Zero Gravity option. With this option, the chair puts the body in a position that simulates weightlessness, thereby taking the strain off the spine, improving massage effectiveness and increasing relaxation. Some chairs are able to recline by as much as 175 degrees, putting the body in an almost horizontal position. Various massage chairs have two or more settings to allow you to choose the level of recline you want.

Our recommendation is to find a chair that can recline to at least 170 degrees to provide maximum relaxation and optimal massage experience.

Body Scans

Body scan technology is used to detect the body’s position in the massage chair, catering for different builds. The chair detects areas of tension as well as the spine’s shape, and based on this feedback, positions the rollers accordingly to optimize the massage.

Manufacturer Warranty

The quality of a massage chair can often be gauged by the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Any massage chair will need maintenance at some stage and manufacturers to know that this is unlikely to happen within the first year after purchase. Some of the better massage chairs have a warranty period of up to 3 years. Extended warranties may also be available to protect your investment even further.

What Are The Important Things To Look For When Buying A Massage Chair?

Any massage chair is a big investment, so you need to first do research. When buying a massage chair, every person has unique requirements and varying budgets. Ask yourself the following questions to make sure you buy the massage chair that meets your requirements.

Where do I want to place the chair?

Before you buy a massage chair, you need to determine whether or not you actually have space for it. Massage chairs tend to be very bulky which is why you’ll often find then in a home office or a bedroom. Although you might feel that it would be a great addition to the living room, others might not feel the same. Discuss the placement of your massage chair with all parties concerned before going out to buy it.

If your massage chair is going to be tucked away in some corner, be sure that you will in fact actually use it given its position.

If you are looking at a reclining massage chair, you will need extra space behind the chair so that it can actually tilt back. This space required for this will vary from chair to chair, so make sure you know how much space you have available versus how much space the chair needs to do its job.

Various massage chair models have wheels, so it can be moved around more easily. This feature is ideal for those who want the massage chair in the living room, but would like to take it to another room or space when they have visitors.

If you really don’t have enough space, consider buying a massage cushion instead. Although these do not nearly have all the features of a massage chair, they don’t take up space as they can be used on any chair, but removed and packed away when it is not used.

Who will use the chair?

Massage chairs are generally built to cater for average-sized people, with the average height being defined as 5 feet 10 inches tall. If your height differs significantly from this number, test any massage chair you are looking at before actually buying it.

For people 5′ 3″ tall for example, the back rollers will be about seven inches too high, and the chair might focus on the back of your instead of your neck and shoulders. You may also have to adjust the roller position manually every time you use the chair, which could be very annoying. Having said that, there are massage chairs e.g. some Panasonic models that will automatically adjust to the user’s height by sensing where the top of the shoulders is located.

Let every person that plans on using the massage chair check that the seat height is comfortable. Some massage chairs are fairly low, making them uncomfortable for people taller than 6 feet. People with hip, knee, or lower back pain or problems could also experience difficulty getting out of a low chair.

Which features do I want?

Massage chairs often come with a whole host of features, but in reality, people seldom use all of them.

If you are prone to muscle spasms or tension in specific body areas, you might want to look for a massage chair is particularly good at massaging that area. Some massage chairs use airbags in the foot and leg and foot area, while others focus on the hips and buttocks.

You should also look at the intensity of the massage as this may vary from light to very strong depending on the model. Before buying a chair, we recommend that test it for a massage session of at least 15 minutes first to ensure that the massage intensity and chair fit are suitable for you. Various massage chairs have the option to change the massage intensity.

If you like specific massage sequences or strokes and the massage chair is shared with others, you may want to look for a massage chair that is able to save message sequences. In this way, you will not need to reprogram a specific massage sequence each time you want to use it.

Some people prefer an extendable leg rest or ottoman, which allows them to sit with elevated legs.

How much can I afford to spend?

The price of massage chairs varies between a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Don’t simply rely on price to determine quality, and don’t feel that only the top of a price range will get you a quality massage chair. Not everybody needs or wants the higher-priced models’ features. It all comes down to being able to find the perfect massage chair you want at a price that suits your pocket.

If you simply can’t afford a massage chair, you might consider looking at a massage cushion. These can be bought from office supply stores, home goods stores and online for around $150. Many stores offer shop floor models to allow you to try before you buy.

Which warranty comes with this chair?

Before you buy, find out the warranty period and conditions. A normal warranty should include parts and labor.

If you are considering buying a massage chair, it is always a good idea to consult with your physician to ensure that there are not any limitations on the duration or type of massage you may have.