10 Best Marine Speakers Black Friday Deals [2021]

Best Marine Speakers Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021: Some moments of life are simply amazing and unforgettable! One of such is a wonderful day on the water on a boat or ship with your family and loved ones, basking under the sun and toasting your mood with your favorite glass of wine. But you can cheer up your day and make it even better by adding music to it. However, boats exist in a pretty harsh environment and a normal speaker would be useless. This is where comes the need of marine speakers that have a dramatic sound that can overcome the loudness of the engine and noise of the waves. Also, boat speakers must have a unique design to bear the water splashes, salt, fog, dust and the scorching heat of the sun.

Best Marine Speakers Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Best Marine Speakers Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

In this short guide, I will help you choose the best boat Marine speakers for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. by highlighting some of the core aspects to consider before purchasing any.

These are the Best Marine Speakers Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021:

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5" Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker (Pair)
in stock
16 new from $43.00
1 used from $37.84
Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker - Set of 2
in stock
11 new from $42.19
4 used from $38.81
5.25 Inch Dual Marine Speakers - 2 Way Waterproof and Weather Resistant Outdoor Audio Stereo Sound System with 150 Watt Power, Poly Carbon Cone, Cloth Surround and Low Profile Design - 1 Pair - PLMR52
in stock
5 new from $16.80
5 used from $15.16
Rockford R169X2 6 x 9 Inches Full Range Coaxial Speaker, Set of 2
in stock
10 new from $54.98
BOSS Audio Systems ATV30BRGB All-Terrain Sound System - 6.5 Inch Weatherproof ATV Speakers Tweeters, Built-in Amplifier, Bluetooth Capable, Multi-Color Illumination, Ideal for ATV UTV 12 Volt Vehicles
in stock
31 new from $121.65
1 used from $133.25
Sony XSMP1611 6.5-Inch Dual Cone Marine Speakers (White)
in stock
9 new from $46.89
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Marine Speakers | Buying Guide


Here are THREE of the most important factors that you should consider at the time of shopping for a marine speaker.

Power Handling

I’ve always focused on the power handling of a speaker throughout my discussion. Your boat speakers must be able to handle more power than the stereo system or amplifier. For example, if a stereo head unit has 200 or 300 watts of peak power, this doesn’t mean that your boat speaker should be able to handle the same level of output. Its head should have 4 channels that allow the 200 watts to be easily divided.

This means you need a 50-watt marine speaker. However, power is also measured in RMS as well and is also important. Most of the manufacturers provide both types of wattage numbers as it is critical to comply with your boat speakers with an external amplifier.

Installation Size

It must be understood that even though boat speakers may seem of the same measurement still there are no standard sizes. The measurements displayed on the product box is usually of the cone and not the grill. A bitter truth here that all manufacturers have a slightly different installation size.

However; you can still get the cone size fit in the ballpark, but I recommend to go through all measurements to ensure that your speakers fit well and sound well. Of course, it is a challenging part but a bit of effort can surely make your day.

Speaker Quality

Last but not least, speaker quality is also an important aspect to consider to shop for the best boat speakers. There are 4 different types of speakers in this regard.

  • Dual Cone: Least expensive and of the lowest quality.
  • Coaxial: 2 or 3 ways speakers with a tweeter and divided frequency range. Pretty much efficient and better than a dual core.
  • Component: Similar to the coaxial models but the tweeter is separated from the woofer cone that eliminates cross-phase distortion. High-quality speakers!
  • Subwoofers: Probably the best option you should opt for. They enhance the overall quality of sound. Combining a powerful sub with your boat speaker can make it sound better.