10 Best Gaming Headset Labor Day Deals 2021 [For PS4 & Xbox]

Best Gaming Headset Labor Day Deals & Sales: Over recent years, video games and their accessories have come quite a long way. We have moved from the days of 2-dimensional stick figures that used to run from one end of the screen to the other, collecting trinkets. The gamers of today are immersed in a huge multi-dimensional world that consists of life-like graphics and virtual worlds that extend in every direction. You cannot compare the games of today and those of recent years because technology has come too far.

Best Gaming Headset Labor Day Deals 2021 [For PS4 & Xbox]

Best Gaming Headset Labor Day Deals 2021 [For PS4 & Xbox]

Nowadays, most games are MMO (Multiple Member Online). This means that a gamer can play with or against any number of people from all over the world. As a result, gamers need to communicate with each other in these virtual worlds using viable headsets that are compatible with their gaming system.

These are the Best Gaming Headset Labor Day Deals & Sales 2021:

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset - 7.1 Surround Sound - Memory Foam Ear Pads - Durable Aluminum Frame - Multi Platform Headset - Works with PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One S - Red (KHX-HSCP-RD)
in stock
21 new from $85.00
73 used from $55.27
HyperX Cloud Stinger - Gaming Headset - Comfortable HyperX Signature Memory Foam, Swivel to Mute Noise-Cancellation Microphone, Compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices
in stock
15 new from $40.99
28 used from $29.26
Logitech 981-000536 G430 7.1 Gaming Headset with Mic
in stock
5 new from $156.99
10 used from $69.99
RUNMUS Gaming Headset PS4 Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound, Xbox One Headset w/ Noise Canceling Microphone & LED Light, Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS3, Mac, Laptop, Over Ear Headphones
in stock
9 new from $21.85
5 used from $13.13
Turtle Beach Recon 200 White Amplified Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PS4 and PS4 Pro
in stock
15 new from $47.00
27 used from $24.99
Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile - Xbox One
in stock
10 new from $39.95
17 used from $21.88
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Great Reasons to Buy the Xbox One Wireless Headset

For the very best experience in communicating during gaming sessions, you will be hard-pressed to find a better product than the Xbox One Wireless Headset. This headset is produced by Microsoft, so there are no compatibility issues when trying to connect to your Xbox. It is specially designed to remain comfortable after many hours of continuous wear. Best of all, the sound quality is superb, enriching your gaming experience. Here are some reasons we think this product rocks.

1. Your multiplayer experience goes to a new level
One of the coolest features of the Xbox One Wireless Headset is that it allows you to carry on with your games while chatting to your family or your friends. This is exactly the type of feature gamers have been looking for. There is no need to miss out on the latest news or gossip from your circle of friends. Using the headset features could not be easier, and people who buy one will find they can multitask without spoiling their gaming experience. This moves wireless multiplayer gaming experience to a whole new level.

2. Experience the finest quality digital audio
The sound quality from the Xbox One Stereo Headset is truly superb. Microsoft has fitted the device with the most up to date digital audio technology, and the result is a clarity of sound that is unmistakably superior to earlier headsets. Apart from the excellent sound, the Xbox One Wireless Headset is lightweight and very comfortable, even after prolonged sessions of wearing it. This will appeal to gamers who spend many continuous hours playing their favorite games.

3. Easy to set up and use
Okay, the Xbox One Wireless Headset is just a wireless headset, so it not going to need an expert to set it up. However, some manufacturers manage to make what should be simple tasks more difficult than they need to be. This is not the case with the Xbox One Wireless Headset, which is simply connected to the Xbox One Wireless Controller using a single cable and it’s ready to go. The headset does not use batteries. There are no complicated control settings to learn. The unit has mute and volume controls. The longest part of the set up is positioning the microphone in the right place (not that that is not easy as well).

4. Other excellent features
Xbox One Wireless Headset is compact, and you can have the microphone to your right or left – the choice is yours. The device features a high quality, unidirectional microphone, which is excellent at picking up your voice, even if you speak at a very low volume. The headset can also be used with Skype, or to connect to other devices, for example, TV sets or DVD players. You need to keep the controller running while connected to other devices.

We have just touched on a few of the excellent features of the Xbox One Wireless Headset, and are sure you will not be disappointed if you go ahead and buy it. The sharp, clear sound quality definitely enhances the gaming experience, and the price is very attractive. Check out the choices on this website and we are sure that you will find a gaming headset that suits you and the games you play.

Why Do You Need To Pick A Wireless Headset For The PS4?

As a gamer, you should be aware that getting your hands on the latest console is not enough for the perfect gaming experience. You also have to assemble the best accessories to compliment your PS4. This includes getting a monitor, controllers and a Wireless Headset For The PS4. Assembling these accessories can be tough and tiring. However, you can cut right to the chase and in so doing get the best headset for your console by doing one simple thing: picking a wireless one.

It’s a no-brainer that you need a headset as playing games on your PS4 console alone is not enough to let you enjoy the full thrill. Online gaming requires you to be in constant touch with your friends and ‘foes’ which implies that you’ll need a microphone of some sort; ideally, one that moves with you while delivering your voice clearly into the ears of people you are playing with.

While it may be possible to plug in your console into a speaker system, you won’t get much from the surround system sound set-up as most games are designed with the stereo set-up in mind. In other words, you’ll need headphones to get the most out of your console’s intimate and spotless presentation of game sounds. Better yet, headphones don’t disturb the people around you as you go through those intense or scary sequences. Headsets combine both of these ‘must-haves’ – a headphone and a mic – into one quality package.

The big question now pops – why go wireless? First, it’s for comfort. Whenever you switch on your PS4 console you often intend to watch movies, play games or surf through online content while you relax. Having additional wires to plug/ unplug or untangle every time you’re using your console can be nerve-wracking. You also need the freedom to move around; not a tether between you and the console. Plugging in the headset to charge (every once in a while) is a small price to pay for the freedom of moving about as you play.

Secondly, you get quality and value for your investment. Wireless Headset For The PS4 is typically more expensive than entry-level wired ones, they offer an unparalleled gaming experience. They not only offer comfort as previously described but also give clearer sound, a more exciting base, and a cooler microphone. In the long run, they are a worthy investment, unlike those cheap, wired headsets that are likely to develop shorts or break in the cords.

Finally, the drawbacks which previously plagued wireless headsets have been fixed. In the past, wireless headsets were heavy, had a low battery life and had connectivity problems. As technology advanced, these issues were sorted out. Today, you’ll get a light, high-quality pair of headsets with longer battery life at an affordable price. Isn’t this a good enough reason to go wireless?

These simple reasons are good enough to help you choose the perfect pair of wireless headsets. All you have to do is come up with a plan then go out shopping for the best, comfortable pair that complements your PS4 console. After that, it’s all fun and flair with your buddies.