10 Best Fitbit Black Friday Deals [2021] – Save $100

Best Fitbit Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2021 – Fitbit has been a leading giant in the fitness tracking industry for quite a while and offers a variety of products that track every portion of your day, including: your activity, weight, exercise, food, and sleep. Fitbit is a brand name that is highly regarded and highly reputable. Black Friday And Cyber Monday sale are live now. An activity tracker can make a great gift for your mom, Dad, your friend, your gym teacher or even you. If you’ve had your eye on a new Fitbit activity tracker or smart fitness watch, you are lucky. If you are curious about buying a Fitbit, I have good news, it is quite possible that you can be found great Fitbit Deals in Black Friday sale & Cyber Monday sale.

Most people buy their favorite Fitbit models in Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales and save a couple of dollars on regular high prices. and save up to 50% on the Fitbit Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals in 2021. The Fitbit is *seriously* marked down for Black Friday and Cyber Monday —so you’ll be able to monitor your heart rate, weight, steps, food, sleep, and exercise workouts. In this post, we check out the list of top 10 Fitbit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021. Here I picked some best deals on the Fitbit during this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021.

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Best Fitbit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Best Fitbit Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, Black, Small (US Version)
in stock
5 new from $229.99
Fitbit Alta HR, Black, Small (US Version)
in stock
4 new from $224.99
Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black
in stock
3 new from $410.32
Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale
in stock
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black
in stock
6 new from $105.50
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Fitbit Surge Black Friday Deals

How does the Fitbit Surge work?

The design of the Fitbit Surge looks like a digital watch. It is smart and professional to keep the shape and use the material that brings comfortable during the work out time. The three colors include dark and not too bright reduces the look of dirty from sweat while running, are available for you to stylish. The strap made with high material which brings you the most convenient during the workout time. The LCD screen is large enough to let you see the information clearly, even when you are running. There are three physical buttons on the two side of the screen for setting and choosing options. Not yet, the touch screen lets you select faster.

The product has many new features which attract users to buy it right away. First of all, the heart rate monitor is such a necessary feature which not many other trackers have. It monitors your heartbeats and let you know if your health is better and if the work out is good to you or not. Second, the product tracks not only your steps but also cross-training, cardio workout. Which means, the information showed much more accurately than original ones. Third, battery life is now longer than other original and competitive trackers. The product can use up to 7 days continuously.

Fourth, you can connect the tracker with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone easily with Wi-Fi. The Fitbit Surge syncs itself automatically to make sure the information you see is the latest. Fifth, it is very convenient to see the contact calling and text notification on the display. You are able to listen to music from your mobile but control it by this smartwatches. The last one is the latest advanced technology feature of the tracker is GPS tracking. This feature lets you track the workout distance, your running pace, how many stairs climbed, etc.

There are many interesting features of the application for your workout tracking. They include report your history, exercise progress to let you know what you have got. Moreover, it attracts you to do workout more frequently by awarding badges at each time you reach the goal. You are able to challenge with other members as well. The Log Food is very useful of controlling what you eat daily to achieve the body fit goal as your plan.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch

Here are some product information:

  • Product dimensions are 8.2 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches.
  • Product weights are 2.7 ounces.
  • Colors: black, blue and tangerine.
  • Product features include tracking steps, calories, distance, sleep, floors climbed. It also works as a clock, silent alarm. Other additional features are GPS tracker, music control and notifications, heart rating, active minutes, caller ID.

Fitbit Surge best price & discount

In my opinions, this is such a good product for both normal and serious runner as the price budget is around $250. However, it is not an expensive one for many pros features such as built-in GPS, normal Clasp, heart tracking, etc. all added. There has no exacted launched date for the Fitbit Surge yet. The producer mentioned that the product will soon reach you in early 2015. Let’s make an advanced order. It will not lose your expectation.

Fitbit Charge HR Black Friday Deals

It is very good news for anyone who loves Fitbit products, more specific is the Fitbit Charge. Not for so long, the Fitbit is going to introduce to you all the new version of Fitbit Charge, the Fitbit Charge HR. The features are all the same with some additional features such as Pure Pulse Heart Rate. The design is more attractable with new strap design but the same high-quality material. Certainly, this product is good for any age from children to old, man and women. It is such a good friend with you all day.

How does the Fitbit Charge HR work?

The tracker has an excellent design with four colors for you to pick include black, plum, tangerine and blue. The straps includes three sizes from small to X-large that ensures to provide the most comfortable for wearers. It is an LED screen on the strap for you to check the information all the time in just a second.

The updated features of this Fitbit Charge HR is the Heart Rate tracking. It monitors the heartbeat automatically and continuously. It is not only to ensure the calorie burned tracked more accurately but also helps to check if your work out is fit for your intensity and adjust it to match your training. The other features of the tracker are the same as the previous versions. More clearly, the tracker has the duties of tracking steps, distance, stair climber and work out duration. The product lets you call other peoples who use compatible devices. The words of the caller name appear on the screen if there is anyone gives you a call. Furthermore, you are able to set your work out goals via an application on your laptop, phone or tablet. It motivates your activities by award a badge every time you complete the goal. Also, you are able to check your progress history and clearly report with chart and graphs which improved by Fitbit.

Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate + Activity Wristband

Here is some product information:

  • Product dimensions are 0.35 x 0.83 x 8.1 inches. It is 6.3 – 7.9 inches large in three sizes. The product weighs 0.5 pounds.
  • Tracking steps, sleep, heartbeat, step climbed, calories burned, food log, etc.
  • Caller ID, silent alarm, water-resistant
  • Sync via wireless automatic itself.
  • A full box includes a Fitbit Charge HR, Charging cable, Wireless sync dongle, Battery and Power, etc.

Fitbit Charge HR vs Fitbit Charge

What is the difference between the Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Charge?

  • First is the battery, the Fitbit Charge has a long-life battery which is up to 7 days while the HR lasts to 5 days.
  • The second is the heart rate monitoring which is applied to the Fitbit Charge HR. It is an important and necessary feature for a tracker.
  • The last one is the little change in the design of the strap. While the previous version is a linear design, the HR one goes with small diamond panes.

Fitbit Charge HR best price – Where to buy?

In conclusion, this product is an updated of the Fitbit Charge base on the reputation and favorite of design and quality. Although the product has not launched until 2015, you can make an order of this one at $150. The higher around $25 for an additional heart rate tracking is not a big deal. If you want to get more knowledge of this product, you can go directly to the Fitbit website to make sure all the information are accurate. Let’s make an order in advance for such a great product like this one.

In this writing, I would like to introduce to you an advanced of step tracking which is durable, stylish, compact and not only a simple tracker. The Fitbit Charge is an impressed design with up to four colors. The LED light shows much information. Except tracking sleep and steps, it also able to call others, watch time and exercise. Moreover, the battery life is much longer than another one. Let see the product details as below.

Fitbit Charge Black Friday Deals

How does the Fitbit Charge work?

The Fitbit Charge with the LED light is ready all the time for you to see much information right on your wrist. One of the outstanding features of this Fitbit Charge is the calling. You can call to any callers who use compatible products. When a member calls you, their name will show on the device display. The wireless helps you to sync the history and progress to the dashboard. They have included your progress and your trends, workout records, log food, earn badges.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fitbit Charge?

As I said, this product is very useful for your health. It motivates your do exercise includes earn badge each time you achieve the progress. The food log helps to monitor if the meal is good enough or if you are overeating. The sleep tracking is to make sure you have full energy for a whole day. Additional, the bangle is available three sizes which are suitable to any wrist to bring the most comfortable.

What Do Others Have to Say About Fitbit Charge?

I have to say that nearly all of the customers love this product deeply. The product design is perfect with shape and materials. The colors are fashionable. The battery life is up to 10 days. It is very convenient to see the information on the screen in just a second. They can wear the wristband all day.

What Else is There to Love?

Here are some additional product features:

  • A full box includes a tracker, a charging cable, wireless sync dongle.
  • Product features: tracking steps, health, food, caller ID, silent alarm, calories burned, stair climber, exercise duration, etc.
  • Water resistance, long-life battery, easy maintenance, OLED display, wireless syncing information.
  • Suitable for Android, Windows and iOS system.

Where to buy a Fitbit Charge?

To make sure the product is high quality, you can buy the product right on Fitbit outlet. If you do not have time to go out and take one home with you, buying online is such a good idea. Please remember to choose the trustable one.

Our Recommendation

We would recommend buying the product on the Amazon store. They often offer a lower price than the Fitbit outlet. At this point of time, I see there is no different price between the Amazon and the Fitbit outlet, the Amazon has a reputation of delivering a quick product with free shipping service with warmed customer care staff.

Where Can I Read Fitbit Charge Reviews?

This product is very well known. Therefore, there is no difficulty to find out a website with Fitbit Charge product reviews. Additional, you can find many reviews, product information, images and answered questions on the Amazon website as another reference. There is not any hesitation for excellent product design, quality and features like this one.

Fitbit Flex Black Friday Deals

If you are looking for a step tracker which has a good design to make up yourself, the Fitbit Flex is a perfect one. It does the same duties as Fitbit One but has a shape of the bangle. It includes tracking steps, monitoring your sleep, sync information and setting goals. The design is good for both men and women with many colors. By the way of wearing, you will never to forget it somewhere.

How does the Fitbit Flex work?

What you need to do is just wearing it on your wrist like a bangle then it will do all the next things. The five-light on the device is not only for making the device up but also show your progress. When a light turns off that means you have complete 20% of a total exercise. It is such a good feature to report your active anytime which not let you to take time to check it on your laptop or phone.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fitbit Flex? The product works well on not only tracking steps but also tracking sleep. While you are sleeping, it still awakes to count your sleeping duration and how many you wake up at night. By the report, you can adjust your habit to keep good health. Moreover, the silent alarm by vibrating your wrinkle without disturbing other sleep. Additional, there are up to 10 colors for you to pick. The colors are good for any gender. The high-quality rubber makes the bangle look more professional, friendly and stylish as well.

What Do Others Have to Say About It? There are many customers say they did not regret to buy this product. It likes jewelry but very useful to track their health. Moreover, they did not worry if the product gets lost by wearing it all day.

What Else is There to Love? Here are some product features:

  • Tracking steps, distance, burned calories and time.
  • Tracking sleeps by reporting duration and how well your sleep.
  • Wake up alarm in silent.
  • LED light to show progress.
  • The width of bangle is available of both small and large.

Where to buy Fitbit Flex? You can buy the product in any sports stores. There are many trustable stores to buy the product such as Fitbit website, Amazon online website, supper market, etc. The Amazon is always our suggestion of buying the product online as they deliver free shipping service, lower price than other stores as well as a good customer service.

Our recommendation

we would recommend this product for anyone as health is always our best care. Have good health means you have a good life. It is such a good bargain for a stylish, durable and long-lasting tracker likes Fitbit Flex. It keeps the number one bestseller in Fitness Trackers for a long time on Amazon – a big online website over the world.

Where Can I Read Fitbit Flex Reviews? In order to read the reviews, you can go directly to the Amazon website. There are over 9000 customer reviews. We are sure that the information is good to you as the customers are from your country which has similar living conditions. Also, over 1000 answer questions are available for you to read and get familiar with the product.

Fitbit One Black Friday Deals

If you ever know the Fitbit Zip and still one some advanced features, we would please to introduce to you a new Fitbit One. This is a useful tracker device which brings you benefits of getting fit and sleep better. The product design is not only friendly and professional but also compact and lightweight. It is such a good friend of anyone for children or adults, men or women, etc.

How does the Fitbit One work?Fitbit One Review, Fitbit One sale, deals and best price from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Lowes, Target.

As other Fitbit tracker, the product helps to track your steps from running, walking or even climbing. Moreover, the sleep tracking feature is to measure your sleep quality. It will let you know how good your sleep by counting sleep duration and how many times you wake up by graphs and data. You can set alarm to wake you up silently by vibrating the product right on your ankle. All the exercise and sleeping tracking, history save in the device. It saves and uploads and sync to your laptop, tablet, and phone. The application is available on both Android and iOS system.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fitbit One? Good health and sleep bring you full energy for a whole day. By using this product frequently, you know much clear about your health. The product helps to gather information and report to you by the chart. Moreover, doing exercise is such an interesting habit than ever as you can challenge to others. The Fitbit one also awards you a badge each time you achieve the progress.

What Do Others Have to Say About Fitbit One? People love it as the product is very compact to go with them from day and night. It is very easy to clip on a belt or just simply put it in a pocket. The sync is quick and the tracker works accurately. However, there is still a small disadvantage to this product. This tracker is only able to wear on clothing instead of on wrist.

What Else is There to Love? Here is summary information of this product:

  • Product dimensions are 0.2 x 0.8 x 2.2 inches.
  • Product weight: 0.3 ounces.
  • Color: Black, Purple
  • Main duties: tracking sleep, steps, stairs climbed, distance, calories burned.
  • Applications: setting goals, view progress, earn badges, silent wake up alarm, sync information itself.

Where to buy Fitbit One? You can buy the product on both local and online stores. The Fitbit product website shows the price of this Fitbit One is $99.95. If you have time, it is such an interesting to go shopping to test and bring the product with your home.

Our Recommendation

In case of having no time to go shopping, we would recommend buying the product online on the Amazon website. They always offer the product to their customer at a very reasonable price. For example, this Fitbit One is less around $6 from the Fitbit outlet. Moreover, the product delivers with no fee at all as well as good customer services.

Where Can I Read Fitbit One Reviews? You can read the review on many websites. Additional, Amazon is such a trustable website where shows clearly about product information and reviews for your to refer. Also, there are many questions and answers which we think it is very useful for you to take the gauge of this one.

Fitbit Zip Black Friday Deals

If you do running or walking frequently to strengthen or maintain good health as well as fit body, it is really necessary to have a walking tracker. The Fitbit Zip is very compact and lightweight which you can wear it around the wrist or just put it in a pocket. Moreover, the product tracks accurately and very durable. Let’s get familiar with this wonderful product.

How does the Fitbit Zip work?

In the full box of Fitbit Zip, there is a small Fitbit tracker, a USB hub to connect to your laptop or PC, the battery and a battery cover opener. Also, in case of referring clip the tracker on the shirt or pants, you have a clip-on holder is available. It made by high-quality rubber which prevents any damage if there is any dropping. Furthermore, you have up to five colors of choosing. They are included blue, grey, black, lime and pink.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fitbit Zip? It is not just a normal tracking device. The product can attract your activity much more frequently by challenging with friends and others. Moreover, the tracker connects to your phone and laptop simply with the Bluetooth or USB hub. It syncs your progress automatically itself. Certainly, you can track your progress anywhere and anytime to see if you need to do exercise further or not. In the application, there is some information about map routes which shows your running history and route maps; the record workouts, voice cues, and music control and the tracking runs and hikes.

What Do Others Have to Say About Fitbit Zip? Although the price of this product is a little bit pricey, people ignore them as it is such a useful tracker. The information is accurate. The device is small which is easy to storage. It is a long time battery. Some say it is up to 3 years. The design is fit for people style.

What Else is There to Love? Here are some product features:

  • Main product activities are tracking steps, distance and calories burned.
  • It is available to connect and sync automatically to a computer by USB, Bluetooth.
  • Share the information to others, set goals, view progress, earn badges or even challenge with others.

Where to buy Fitbit Zip? You are able to buy the product right on the producer outlet, supper market or just make an order via online shops. You can buy the product on Amazon where offers lower prices than other local and online store with low or free shipping service fee.

Our Recommendation

We would recommend this product for any people who care for their health. We agree that do exercise is good but with the tracker it is much better to track your progress. Moreover, it motivates of doing exercise frequently and funnier with others. Additional, if you do not have time to go shopping, it is such a good idea to buy the product online on a trustable store.

Where Can I Read Fitbit Zip Reviews? The Fitbit Zip has launched for a few years, you are able to see such huge product information on many websites. The information in this writing is pretty enough for you or you can go directly on Amazon to read the features, watch video introduction with beautiful images. There are also many reviews available for you to make sure you can buy the right one.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Black Friday Deals

Are you lost in the huge weight trackers in the market with many shape, design, quality, features, and brands? It is such a good idea to get familiar with a Fitbit Aria weight tracker. The product does not just show your weight information, it tracks your body fat percentage, BMI. It is also able to sync with your mobile or PC. This is such a good product for your family to get fit body and a better life.

How does the Fitbit Aria work?Fitbit Aria review, Fitbit Aria sale and deals, coupon and best price from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart...

The product goes with color black or white for you to pick up. The clear LED screen in the middle top of the scale to show your information clearly in digit number. You do not have to get down to see it as many other originals. Although the display is small it can show simple single information of weight, name, body fat percentage and sync. After tracking your weight, it builds the trend for you to get fit in both long and short time.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fitbit Aria? The product let you know your body fit via your weight by automatic calculate the BMI and body fat percentage. As mentioned above, the product will calculate to build short and long term trends. Moreover, you can set the goals yourself and earn badges at the time of achievement.

What Do Others Have to Say About Fitbit Aria? Customers are quite happy with this product as it works simply and they do not need to do any further steps. Instead of using many different applications or software to log the food, weight, etc. they are now can use the Fitbit app with all the needed things in it. The application is easy using and clear structure. Unfortunately, the product is a little bit pricey with its features.

What Else is There to Love?

  • Product dimensions are 12.28 x 1.31 x 12.28 inches. The product weighs 4.7 pounds.
  • Color: black, white.
  • The product sync information to laptop or mobile, tablet via Wi-Fi. You are able to track your information on fitbit.com as well.
  • The tracker can recognize users itself automatically. You can set it up to 8 users.
  • Account password is available for users.
  • One year limited warranty
  • A full box includes a Fitbit smart scale, 4 AA batteries, a warranty card, manual guide, etc.

Where to buy Fitbit Aria? You can buy the product from any local store such as a supermarket, sports store, etc. Also, Amazon – online shopping is an additional suggestion. They provide the product at a low price and officer many good services for their customer.

Our Recommendation We suggest everybody should have a weight tracker at your home. With just an investment at a budget of around $120, you ensure your family members are healthy. Moreover, making an order via Amazon website is very convenient for you to save the time of going shopping but receiving a high-quality product from the manufacturer, saving more money from buying at other stores, getting the product at no delivery fee and having a warm customer care service.

Where Can I Read Fitbit Aria Reviews? Once again, Amazon contains many reviews from customers. Moreover, you can deeply take time to get knowledge of this product with many images, video, information. The answer and questions of the Fitbit Aria are available to make sure the product matches your requirements.


If you still got any question or suggestions regarding the Fitbit Black Friday Deals and Fitbit Cyber Monday sale, you can write to us in the comment section below, we will definitely respond you back very soon. We’ll continue to update this list as new sales are announced, so keep checking back.