10 Best Electric Log Splitters to Help You Out with Firewood at costco

If you have a pile of wood rounds in your backyard that need to be turned into usable firewood for the winter, there are few tools better to add than an electric log splitter. Electric log splitters let you split wood without the hassle and noise of traditional gas-powered ones as well as allow work inside during rain or snow fall outside! Plus they offer enough power so even tough large round logs can be cut with ease quickly too

What are the best electric log splitters? To answer that question, we looked at a number of features including splitting force and engine power. The first thing we considered was splitting force as it indicates what types, diameters, and lengths of wood rounds you’ll be able to split with your splitter. We also took into consideration other aspects like whether or not the unit can operate vertically so hefty logs won’t require any lifting on behalf from yourself! A high-powered engine will provide more than enough torque for heavy duty jobs without putting too much strain on itself in order to get through tough tasks!

In order to help you find out which type would be most beneficial for your needs, we’ve taken some time going over different qualities such as

Editor’S Choice : Swisher Ls22E – At Costco

Editor’S Choice : Swisher Ls22E - At Costco

This electric log splitter has been hailed as a direct replacement for gasoline-powered splitters by many users. For those who are looking to get the closest commercial grade experience without going with either gas or coal, this is it!

The Swisher Electric Log Spliter is in a league of its own according to both technical specifications and user testimony. It offers an economical alternative that may be closer than you think to what professional contractors work with on jobsites around the country each day while saving money at home too–in fact some say they saved up $1000s buying one compared against traditional methods like propane or charcoal(not mentioning messy cleanup).

In addition to being able to split logs in a convenient horizontal orientation, this electric log splitter can also be put into an innovative vertical splitting position. It is one of the few models with enough force for you not only work on smaller wood that could fit right onto your horizontals but it will easily take care of those large-diameter hardwoods and green woods too!

First off, let me tell you about this awesome new model from (insert brand). This particular model offers both vertical and horizontal orientations so no matter what kind or size of tree stump they have sitting there waiting for some TLC – even if its just softwood sticks – our reviewee has got them covered like nobody’s business. With 22 tons worth of cutting

Logs are not the only objects that can be split with a log splitter. With this electric log splitter, you will get your firewood processed indoors! This is an especially useful feature for those who live in colder climates and cannot use their outdoor equipment during winter months because of safety hazards like frozen ground or snow accumulation on the machine. After testing it ourselves, we found that logs cut by an electric splitters were actually quieter than gasoline-powered equivalents – so as long as noise doesn’t stop you from splitting wood inside, these machines might just change how you chop up all sorts of things to kindle fires when they’re cold outside!

The auxiliary design aspects of this splitter reflect the industrial specifications.The cradle is longer than nearly all other electric splitters at 25.5 inches so that you can easily deal with larger cuts of wood, but it’s also versatile enough to handle smaller logs too thanks to a unique two-way splitting system and wide blades which make for faster grinding time – 13 seconds! The frame that the splitter is mounted on includes a trailer hitch so you can transport your lumber back home as well as wheel it around conveniently with its rubber wheels and adjustable suspension. It’s no mystery why our customers love using their Amish Wood Splitting Machine in tandem; we’ve designed every aspect from customizing log cradles for various sizes, making use


When you’re cutting a tree into logs, sometimes the trunk is too big to fit on your wood-splitter. It’s especially frustrating when this happens because it means that all of the labor and time spent splitting one log has been for nothing unless we can find another way around our inability to split these huge pieces without breaking them in half again. Luckily there are ways! One option would be switching between horizontal and vertical orientations which takes several minutes but allows us to split those bigger logs as well so long as they don’t get stuck on the wedge afterwards . The only complaint users had was some larger chunks getting caught after being cut through by wedges; however, with proper care I’m sure everyone will have an easy go at anything up against

Best Value : Boss Industrial Es7T20 – At Costco

Best Value : Boss Industrial Es7T20 - At Costco

The Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter is the best way to cut logs quickly without using a lot of physical energy. It has seven tons of splitting power, and it can handle up to 17 inch-thick logs thanks its two horsepower motor. Users have reported that this electric log splitter outperforms most budget models because you don’t need much strength or experience with axes in order for the machine to work effectively

This electric log splitter from boss industrial comes in at an expensive price compared some other options we reviewed but users claim it’s worth every penny due to its heavy duty design and legendary performance on even larger pieces than what it was designed for like 10 1/2 inches thick!

Once you have a pile of logs, all that is left to do it split them. This can be done with one quick run on the log splitter! The horizontal cradle will hold 20-inch long logs while also providing enough space for your medium-diameter hardwood pieces. After splitting once or twice some vertically oriented companies (including whole trees), simply flip over those pieces and get back at it again!

This machine has been designed to make woodcutting jobs easier than they’ve ever before been as well as more environmentally friendly since less waste goes into landfills which means less pressure from environmental groups about getting rid of large piles of debris in ways not compliant with regulations pertaining to hazardous materials disposal – give this company’s product a try

When you’re in the market for a reliable log splitter, it’s important that your model be versatile enough to handle logs of different diameters. This is where Boss Industrial steps up their game! Based on user feedback and testing by independent reviewers alike, this electric powered machine has been found capable of handling any size tree trunk or wood chip with ease thanks to its integrated rails which keep logs secure during impact while also accommodating a wide range diameter sizes. Furthermore, because they’ve designed an easy-to-use device without compromising safety standards through one handed operation mode capabilities; users can get more work done faster than ever before – all whilst minimizing risk factors like misfires and debris flying everywhere!

The LogMaster is a two-handed manual log splitter that reportedly helps users split logs without the risk of injury. Every now and then, when you hit it with enough force to cause an explosion, there’s no warning for what will happen next so be sure to keep your arm extended at all times in case something goes wrong while using this machine. Another advantage about its size is how easy it makes moving or storing around the yard!

The 14-second cycle time might not be much to write home about, but when you’re working alone and the splitter moves along at a full speed it doesn’t really slow down your work. The auto-retraction on the ram is also well done: It often retracts without getting stuck in pieces of wood after an impact which can save some serious frustration for our fellow workers.

Most Adjustable Log Splitter : Wen 56207 – At Costco

Most Adjustable Log Splitter : Wen 56207 - At Costco

The Wen Electric Log Splitter is perfect for those who want to dial in all of the specifications of their log splitting, and it has one feature that sets it apart from others: a 34-inch tall stand. Nearly every user opted to use this accessory since they found using the electric splitter without standing up was too hard on their back after an hour or two, but there are users with taller stands (even six feet high) who find themselves bending over at awkward angles when operating this machine. This sturdy tool can be used either sitting down or standing up depending on your preference– just make sure you have enough room around you so no other parts touch anything else during operation!

The hardwood splitter has been designed with a number of features that make it more efficient than traditional wood splitters. One such feature is the support wings on either side of cradle to keep your lumber from slipping out when you are ramming it through, but there’s also an adjustable height handle for perfect positioning as well as built-in roller guides to help push boards smoothly and prevent them from getting stuck in between rollers.

The Hardwood Splitter not only provides excellent performance because its design accommodates all types of tight grain woods without breaking off pieces or bending wide planks into unsightly shapes this machine will save time too! It can be adjusted so high up that even taller people won’t need assistance moving logs around while

One of the best features of this model is that it can be adjusted to extend down your shaft by as much or little as you need. This increases efficiency and reduces cycle time, allowing for faster production times when necessary. For example, if one needs a fast process then they would adjust the ram so that it only goes two thirds down their splitter’s length thus reducing cycle time significantly; however note that on its fastest setting (full extension) this device has an extremely slow 20 second cycling rate which could allow other models with shorter cycles more opportunities in between each batch!

One user of the electric log splitter was so pleased with this machine, they were convinced to buy it.This powerful little thing is built around a 15 amp motor that delivers 6-5 tons of splitting force enough to easily handle any logs up to 10 inches in diameter! However, unlike splitters with an even more power two horsepower motors which often have trouble when trying for larger or wet greenwood logs; users report being successful while using this particular model.

Fastest Electric Log Splitter : Orionmotortech Pm7T-520 – At Costco

Fastest Electric Log Splitter : Orionmotortech Pm7T-520 - At Costco

The Orion MotorTech electric log splitter is built for speed. With a cycle time of 10 seconds, this machine will leave you gasping while it barely breaks a sweat! This efficient design means that there’s less downtime and more logs split in the same amount of time; making your life easier as well as saving money on fuel costs- but be warned: when two people are splitting together, they should really invest in some earplugs to keep up with all that noise!

Everything from firewood to kindling can be split cleanly and evenly with this electric log splitter. This particular model has a three-horsepower motor, meaning it is one of the larger motors in its size class among models at this price point, capable of generating seven tons of splitting force. With a 12″ max diameter capacity on logs (a major improvement over other comparable devices), for those who need plenty more combustion material than what smaller units provide but don’t want or need gas power, there’s no better option than our favorite affordable pick here; though you’ll have to live without guide rails if you opt against paying extra – which may make keeping large rounds contained when being pressured difficult due to their squirming around the cradle cavity as they

The Splitter is the perfect tool for cutting logs down to size. It’s long, so it can handle pretty much any cut you have in mind; its sturdy handles make sure that your hands don’t slip and send a log flying into a tree (or neighbor).

The splitter ia an amazing tool if you’re looking to vertically split wood. Its length makes this possible even with larger pieces of firewood while at the same time giving enough space between each piece of lumber for them not be rubbing against one another as they are being processed by their new owner-to use these tools effectively always keep safety first!

One of the few things that users did not love about this splitter is that it requires two-handed operation. This takes a small toll on efficiency, as youll need both hands to operate over the course of 10 seconds. However, all users can agree with its safety features and enjoy being able to work ahead without fear for their fingers or other body parts

One thing many people didn’t like about this wood splitting device was how it required two handed use throughout each mechanical cycle at ten second intervals; which took away from some potential efficientcy in using one hand while operating another task simultaneously such as carrying around your coffee mug

Best For Logs Of Up To 15 Inches : Yardmax Ys0552 – At Costco

Best For Logs Of Up To 15 Inches : Yardmax Ys0552 - At Costco

If you are looking for a versatile and reliable splitter, the Yardmax is what you need as it features many innovative design elements to make your work simpler. It’s worth noting that this product can only handle 5 tons of force which is significantly less than some competitors but don’t let that scare away! Users report being able to split softwoods up-to 15 inches with ease without any problem in fact they love how easy it works on big logs too!

The yard max has been highly rated by users since its release due to various improvements made during development such as designing an accurate tensioning knob so one person can easily operate at their desired level of pressure. This handy tool also includes safety measures like adjustable foot pegs and internal guards

Cradles are usually the same length for splitters. But, this one is a little longer to accommodate logs that may be shorter or less wide than other more common sizes of wood you might find. In my experience with yardmax’s ram head it was noticeably smoother and easier to use when working on these types of smaller pieces because they’re not so heavy from being wet like larger pieces tend to be which can make things difficult over time!

The Yardmax power splitter is a safety-conscious machine that requires two hands to operate. It also comes with an automatic shutoff feature, which prevents the user from overloading it and making unsafe use of its capacity. Though many find this requirement annoying or tedious, others have found these features helpful as they can focus on their work without worrying about how much strength is left in both arms for splitting wood blocks – knowing there’s no way you’ll be able to keep going indefinitely if your body starts wearing out and getting tired before the device shuts down automatically .

The new model from yardmax has improved safety measures built right into it so that accidents are less likely when using this tool for cutting up logs. The lack of one handed operation may

Most Durable Log Splitter : Boss Industrial Ed10T20 – At Costco

Most Durable Log Splitter : Boss Industrial Ed10T20 - At Costco

Boss Industrial has an electric log splitter that runs on a 20-amp outlet, yet is so powerful it will dim your shop lights if you accidentally plug into the wrong socket! This machine comes with many great features. It can take down any size of logs and doesn’t need gasoline to power up like traditional machines do. The engine in this piece may only be 1.5 horsepower but just because its small does not mean that it isn’t effective for splitting big logs due to how much torque there is behind each swing from the hydraulic arms on impact when they come together after being pushed apart by your hands or feet against them while seated at either side of the unit’s platform which gives good leverage when needed most during these moments where others would

The hydraulic system on this splitter is one of the most durable and reliable systems out there. The 10 tons of splitting force means that it can handle logs up to 12 inches in diameter, but softwoods with a thickness as high 16 inch are easy splits. With all these features combined together into such an affordable price point-it’s no wonder why people call this their “splitting savior.”

The trade-off to all of this power is that the cycle time on this splitter is extremely slow nearly 30 seconds roundtrip.Even when working alone, this is a major drawback for those who need fast results or have many logs to split at once. There are no stroke limiters either so you can’t increase your speed if needed and must wait out each long process while using one hand elsewhere during what could be an eternity in log splitting terms! Despite these drawbacks, users appreciated how easy it was to operate with only one arm which would allow them greater productivity by allowing them use their other hands as they waited – though some might question whether such small gains are worth getting stuck waiting around 30+ seconds every few minutes (though realistically nobody splits

The Splitter is the only log splitter that can be used indoors!
The outdoor wood furnace and electric heaters are expensive to operate, but you’ll need a lot of them if you want your home warm. Besides being expensive they’re also not very green with all the emissions from electricity production or fossil fuels for heating oil. The best way to reduce this would be by chopping up firewood at home – it’s cheaper (especially now), greener, healthier because no one has been exposed to fumes while making these fires as well as giving people an opportunity outside their homes which research shows improves mental health; plus logs have other uses like preventing flooding in areas near rivers when ice forms on top of snow cover causing water levels rise unexpectedly due to

Best For Softwoods : Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 – At Costco

Best For Softwoods : Pow

The powrkraft 4-ton electric log splitter is perfect for those who need a compact and easily stored log slicer in the garage. This machine has an incredibly simplistic design that does not sacrifice its ability to deliver four tons of force, making it great for medium thickness logs only. The maximum size this device can slice are 20 inches long which makes note as being half inch shorter than most other devices on the market; but with such easy set up and storage capabilities you’ll never miss having more!

For those who need an economical and functional solution, this 4-way splitter is a perfect choice. The small size doesn’t stop it from performing admirably with splitters of any kind while still being easy to install.

For many people, the affordability factor was just as important as performance when considering which type of power distribution device they wanted for their home or business’ electrical panel system. Thankfully, there’s one option that satisfies both needs: our 10 amp 4 way low voltage current transformer (LVCT). Our LVCTs are well built and inexpensive; designed without unnecessary frills but loaded up on features you actually want!

You can split wood in half as fast as 11 seconds with this small log splitter! The best part is that there’s no limit to how many logs you want to go for. Some users were able to rig a homemade stroke limiter out of vice grips, so the cycle time was even faster when working with short logs and it never felt like they had run into an upper limit. There are also these nifty rails around the cradle that help keep your wood intact while getting pressured by the ram which makes things feel more stabilizing overall.

The advantage of this small log splitter is its speedy 11-second cycle time; depending on what type of work you’re doing (working alone or splitting firewood), all one has do do push

The splitter is designed for two-handed operation, which many users were not as pleased with. However, some of these same people found ways to overcome this issue by using other items around the home or office in place of their second hand and still get a satisfactory result from splitting firewood too!

This splitter is so easy to transport, and when it’s not in use you can stand it on its end. With the hard plastic wheels, this machine will glide through your yard with ease!

This heavy-duty commercial grade splitter has everything needed for a successful splitting session – including features that make transporting simple and storage convenient. The durable steel frame makes short work of even large pieces of wood by exerting up to 350 tons per square inch pressure using two hydraulic cylinders while simultaneously making forward progress without stopping. Hydraulic power flows from an engine mounted atop the frame where gears rotate at speeds as high as 1 RPM (rotations per minute) slowly spinning like tops in their housings creating torque all along the length of each arm before

Best Compact Horizontal Model : Goplus 6T – At Costco

Best Compact Horizontal Model : Goplus 6T - At Costco

This inexpensive log splitter from Goplus is a compact and easy to use choice for homeowners who need to get through a pile of wood in short order. The splitter features one of the best wheel and handle systems we’ve seen, making it easy to transport the logs onto your property with ease (assuming you have an extension cord). Standing upright when not in use means that this machine takes up less space in your garage – what better way than having more room available?

The overall performance of the two-horsepower splitter is quite good, but it has its limitations. The six ton rating can handle logs up to 10 inches in diameter and users found that both softwoods and hardwoods could be split easily with this equipment. Users liked how fast the cycle time was as well so you wont have any trouble getting through a whole cord if you take breaks every few hours or splitting wood for sale when needed without slacking off on production speed due to waiting around for cycles between each log cut down into smaller pieces by your new purchase from SawStop!

The power of this two-horsepower splitter is somewhat limited at only six tons and it’s rated for only ten inch logs; however, many people are

They also appreciated the side rails on either side of the cradle that act to keep logs in place as they are being split.

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The LogMaster Splitters were designed to provide a comfortable two-handed operation which can be difficult on the handles of other splitters. A stand was not included in this design because it would make mounting and splitting logs more challenging than necessary

One of the main things that users wished for with these logmasters, or so they say, is a way to mount them easily without having to bend over repeatedly. One thing people did enjoy about these machines is their sturdy yet lightweight construction; however some didn’t like how there wasn’t an integrated safety switch into its two handed operation

Best For Large Diameter Logs : Powerhouse Xm-380 – At Costco

Best For Large Diameter Logs : Powerhouse Xm-380 - At Costco

This electric log splitter from powerhouse is a compact and durable choice for those who need to get through large piles of wood relatively quickly. The three-horsepower, 15-amp motor produces seven tons of force that can split logs as wide as 12 inches in diameter (although it struggles with knotty hardwood). This means this unit works best on softwoods but not so well on knotted or narrow hardwoods.

The hydraulic pressure is constantly monitored to prevent overpressurization. Once the lever has been turned on, it will automatically shut off if there are any signs of leakage or other problems with your system’s integrity so that you don’t have to worry about anything when using this product.

Users found that the splitting action on this splitter worked relatively well for most logs, but was sub-optimal when loading logs that take up to 20.5 inches of length in the cradle.This is because while it travels 15.7 inches along the full length and its wedge cuts as wide a width at 4 inch intervals, there are no special provisions for handling longer pieces than what can fit inside these two dimensions – something which users noted with disappointment given how much more difficult manual work becomes if you have to finish your split by hand instead!Users also wished they had some sort of stand or other support so their backs don’t start hurting after working through all those splits manually ground level since even one wrong move could send an errant log rolling

Thanks to its 11-second cycle time, the Logsplitter Pro is a major advantage for those who need to split large piles of logs in a short amount of time. This splitter can be configured as one or two handed operation depending on your preference and it’s perfect for working in groups!

Some users have noted that the wheels on this splitter are relatively close together, which can lead to tipping over when transporting it across uneven ground in your yard.

Another minor flaw of note is that these wheel’s placement makes for a greater chance of unstable transportation as they’re prone to catching and sliding at angles you might not expect them too; think about how much more likely something like this would be if you were carrying it up stairs or trying to negotiate obstacles like roots coming from trees nearby – with any luck, then those few moments spent balancing will leave no lasting damage done!

Budget Pick : Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Sels60 – At Costco

Budget Pick : Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Sels60 - At Costco

The low-priced electric log splitter from southland outdoor power equipment is a great choice for those who dont want to spend tons of money on an industrial grade machine. This product is perfect for those with smaller logs and doesnt need to split as many pieces at once, which makes it less expensive than the average heavy duty unit

Getting the perfect firewood can be difficult and time consuming. A few weeks ago, I went out to log splitting season with my father-in-law in order to get some natural gas logs for our fireplace from him. We had trouble finding a good set of wedges at the hardware store but eventually found one that did not break on us when we attempted to use it on an old oak stump near his house! Once we got started though, there was no stopping me – I wanted as much wood as possible so it would last all winter long!

A splitter is necessary whether you are looking for smaller rounds or larger ones because they allow people who don’t have access to chainsaws and power tools their own way into harvesting trees without

Like many other electric log splitters in its class, the cradle on this splitter is long enough to hold logs up to 20.5 inches and has wheels that make it easy for you carry with convenience! The 7-inch wheel makes storage a breeze as well because of how easily they can be stored vertically within your garage or shed without taking up too much space.

Buying Guide

Now that youve read more about our 10 favorite electric log splitters on the market today, how do you choose between them to get the splitter thats best for your needs? Now, dont let this question scare you. There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing an electric log splitter everything from whether or not its really right for what type and size round wood logs need splitting all the way down to how easy it is maintain said chosen machine. Make sure that before making any final decisions in regard with which model would be most appropriate and proper based on these considerations, one should have done their research beforehand so as not waste time doing unnecessary comparisons only after they purchase a product without having some idea of whats out there waiting just

Electric log splitters are a fantastic invention for those who have long logs that need to be chopped in order. If you’re the type of person forgetful about things, this is not an item to omit from your shopping list!

Electricity can make all the difference when it comes time to chop up some wood and get everything ready for winter. Electric-powered log splitter machines offer many benefits over manual labor; they require less physical exertion than their gas powered counterparts while still producing enough power on average per cycle or splitting jobs without needing refueling as often due being electrical instead of fuel driven engines
You might think we’re biased since we sell them too, but our electric models do come with several advantages including easier storage

An electric log splitter is a great way to plug in and get the job done. It’s better for you because it doesn’t use gasoline or require manual labor, so there are less safety hazards involved than with traditional designs – plus, they’re easier on your back!

Is an electric log splitter truly a better choice for you? To answer that question first you need to understand what sets these splitters apart from their counterparts of combustion engines like gas powered models as well as hand-powered ones (think splitting mauls). While each type has its benefits and drawbacks when compared against others; one thing all have in common is not being 100% safe.

Log splitting is hard and time consuming. While hand-powered log splitters require that you use your physical strength to move the wood back and forth, electric models are powered by a motor with no need for moving any weight yourself! In fact, they can do all of the work themselves without requiring anything from you other than set up in advance or push start – it’s so easy anyone could do it (or at least just about).

There are several advantages to using an electric log splitter over both gasoline-powered as well as manual ones. First, compared to manual versions which require much more effort than their counterparts when considering each individual swing while also taking significantly longer; electric variants don’t make this same demand on one’s muscles

Electric splitters are much quieter than gasoline-powered models, which saves your ears over time and is important if you have neighbors on either side of the yard because they will be less likely to complain about noise. Electric splitters also produce no fumes or carbon monoxide so you can take it indoors without worry during winter months where respiratory hazards exist outside in harsh weather conditions.

Motor oil changes are inconvenient for motorists. You have to find a place where you can buy the motor oil, and then take your car into an auto shop or parking lot with access not every garage has it! Once there, they will drain out all of that old gunk from inside your engine before replacing it with fresh new stuff. It’s no wonder most cars these days come standardly equipped with electric motors instead; why deal so much hassle when you don’t need to?

Electric motors do away entirely many tedious tasks we used to be bothered by as drivers such as constant maintenance like changing dirty fluid regularly in gasoline engines which is actually very important because without doing this frequently the entire system becomes clogged up and stops working properly – but

With the advent of electric log splitters, you no longer have to worry about being high and dry while trying to cut your wood. The gasoline-powered machines are expensive not only in terms of gas but also space since they require that you keep a tank full around at all times. Electric models don’t need any additional fuel or upkeep so it’s easy for them to be on standby next time there is an unfortunate snowstorm like this one!

It’s hard to imagine a more satisfying job than sitting in the comfort of your own home, splitting logs using electric power. Our three favorite log splitters on the market today are all powerful machines that will make short work out of even some of our toughest jobs! The Swisher LS22E is perfect for those looking for an option with wide functionality and durability at a reasonable price; it has both hydraulic drawbar strength and top-of-the line blade sharpness. Meanwhile, Boss Industrial ES7T20 offers seven tons worth of force – enough to handle anything you’ve got thrown their way! Finally there is Wen 56207 which stands apart from other models by including its removable stand as well as adjustability afforded by stroke limiter

The Swisher electric log splitter is a device which can be used to split logs with ease, without having to worry about the dangers of using gas-powered machines. The machine has been proven capable up splitting wood all the way down 17 inches in diameter and only takes 14 seconds for one cycle! It also offers horizontal or vertical operation so it’s perfect if you don’t have much space on your property but still want an easy solution for making firewood from tree branches. However, despite being powerful enough competition even when paired against gasoline powered solutions – this unbeatable timber tamer doesn’t come with any downsides like noise pollution or harmful emissions unlike their oil counterparts; meaning that not only does it offer incredible power at 22 tons