20 Best Blender Black Friday Deals [2020]

Best Blender Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020: Blenders have become a common sight in kitchens all across the world. Both amateur and professional chefs use these appliances on a daily basis. It is definitely a device to have around your home if you love cooking, living healthy and even partying. It serves many purposes and it does so without putting too big of a dent in your budget. The downside with choosing a blender is that there are so many options, you might just end up never feeling satisfied with your purchase. In order to avoid such situations, we’ve come up with a buying guide meant to help you narrow your choices down to only a few items. Our research is mostly dictated by the readers’ questions.

Best Blender Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Best Blender Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

There are a bunch best blender reviews available online but in case you still don’t get the hint, a good blender at least should come with three vital things. The first thing and foremost, the best blender must have a sturdy jar. Believe it or not, most house incidents happen in the kitchen and for that, you don’t want to keep any appliance that easily breaks. If possible, try to look for a unit whose pitchers are made of Eastman Tritan copolyester, an exceptionally durable yet safe material. Furthermore, the best blenders, in our opinion, should offer quick and easy cleanup. Several models are a little methodical when it comes to this matter while others can be directly tossed into the dishwater.

Last but not least, the best blenders must be protected by a warranty. They are not as expensive as a premium espresso machine, indeed, but no matter how small the investment, you will want to make sure that every cent you have paid gives you value. High-end blenders like those manufactured by Vitamix come with a quite long warranty but if you blend only occasionally, there is no need to purchase them. Once you make sure that those three factors can be found on a blender, it is then up to your personal taste. If you want one that is quiet, expect to add some more cash. Likewise, if you want more volume, be prepared to dish out more money.

These are the Best Blender Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020:

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The buying guide on how to choose a top Blender:

Why should you get a blender?

Blenders are a must in any chef’s kitchen. With this appliance, you will no longer have to use your hands to make certain foods that need a lot of energy to taste and feel nice. You will also have the benefit of not wasting time on cutting vegetables. There is no other more daunting task for a cooking enthusiast than chopping things up for hours. With the blender, you just have to push a button and all is done in no time. Last but not least, a blender can influence the way you eat. Having a blender around will encourage you to try different blended fruits and vegetables which can do wonder for your body.

What options do you have in terms of design?

There are two types of blenders currently available on the market. First, there is the traditional blender which uses a motor which is attached to the blade at the bottom of the recipient. The container can be built out of different materials depending on the manufacturer. The controls which are set on the base which holds the container offer options like dice, puree, blend or chop. The best blenders 2020 have 16 speeds and several automatic settings which are better suited for professional cooks. We recommend getting the Blendtec Designer Series WildSide. For more information check out the reviews below.

Secondly, customers can choose an immersion blender which is a handheld appliance. It is not as popular as it lacks versatility compared to a traditional blender. We recommend this product if you are mostly into pureeing and soup making.

How to determine how big should a blender be?

Choosing the best blender 2020 is not all about the fastest and the biggest appliance out there. The best blender is that which suits all your needs while still managing not to put a dent in your budget. We recommend starting your search for the proper device by making a list of things like the number of people which will be benefiting off of the blender, the free space currently available in your kitchen or the frequency with which you will be using the blender. If you have a hard time deciding we recommend a great overall blender great for all situations. The Vitamix Professional Series 750 will handle all your needs in terms of volume. For more information check out the reviews below.

What accessories to look for in a blender?

Manufacturers provide customers with a variety of accessories. There is little you can buy after you’ve purchased the blender. Remember though that not all appliances may have the parts you need. Look for devices with certain packages like the ones destined for smoothies or milkshakes.


Depending on your preferences and personal taste, your “best” blender can cost less than $100 and/or a handsome amount of 350 bucks. With that regards, it is important to determine your needs prior to looking for the product itself. Ask yourself whether you want a humble blender that even shows a hint of difficulty when handling hard fruits (i.e. apple) or a blender that is equipped with a beasty motor that can crush literally anything. Noise factor – while not highly crucial – also needs to be accounted for.

If you concern about waking up your family member and neighbors due to the deafening racket you make any time you make a smoothie, then pick out one that makes less noise, even in the high setting. Moreover, if you live on your own, there is no need to buy a blender that comes with a full-size pitcher like Vitamix 1782. A single-serve blender is much more ideal for you and it costs about one-fifth of the aforementioned blender. Last but not least, ask yourself whether all those fancy features found on Breville BBL605XL are of high necessity. If yes, then be prepared to invest more on this little guy. We hope our brief top blender reviews can guide you to make your best blender purchase.


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