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Best Turntables Under 500

Best Turntables Under 500

Which is the best turntable under 500 dollars?

As you look at your records, a smile appears on your face and you think about all the times these mellow sounds have warmed your heart and made you have a good time. You go back to a time where the digitzed music had not perverted everything and where real music was played on real devices rather than on MP3s of today. However, the only problem with all this reminisicing is that you do not have the turntable that you used to. It has either broken down or been lost over the course of the years. You don’t want to buy a new one because you fear it may cost too much or that it will not be good enough. Worry not, we are here to cater to all your needs and put forth the best turntable under 500 list at your disposal. Let us take a look at some great turntable which come at very affordable prices.

These are the Best Turntables Under $500:

Music Hall MMF 2.2

 People who know music know that this is one of the top-performing devices out there, much like rega. It is a beast of a machine known for providing amazing unmatched service. The main bearing, the motor and the tonearm all work together to make this brilliant machine a pleasure to listen to. It traces the sound very VERY well and is also a very quite device producing little noise. It may not have all the modern flashy aditions or any futuristic features but it does provide quality performance and does its basic job better than many other devices equipped with the modern tools.

Pro-Ject – Debut Carbon DC

This is a reinvented analog product. It has all the components that allow it provide high precision output and unmatched clarity that will make it a hit among the music lovers. The carbon tonearm is slightly costly but it provides a high quality sound by reducing resonance. It is clear that this machine focuses on quality rather than saving costs. Despite high quality service and expensive components, this machine is a great bargain as it is priced at $400. The machine is a great reimagining of analog devices and could be a blessing to those who like high performance when it comes to music.

Denon DP-300F Fully Automatic

The cheapest device on the list, it is a fully automated one and requires little human input. The records are well-protected thanks to the stable tonearm and the turntable treats your records like its own babies protecting them from scratches. While automated systems may not be your thing, if you are looking for a reliable, automated turntable, this is the device to go for. There is a removable cartridge if your prefernces change, and the heavy base makes for a device that reduces any vibration and other disturbances. For those who want affordability along with quality, this is the best device out there.

Flexson VinylPlay Plug-and-Play

The device comes with the functionality of USB, allowing you to digitize your old music and save it forever. While it does flaunt it as the most important feature, the device does a number of other things too. It can be connected to a SONOS play speaker which makes the sound quality rise exponentially, offering powerful performance that is strong and mellow at the same time. You can connect it to sonos amplifiers and other systems and enjoy great quality audio. The great feature is a huge benefit and while some may feel the price of $500 is a little too much, it does offer some great performance which makes it justified.

Rega – RP1 Turntable

Last updated on May 4, 2021 6:14 am

Simple as it may, the lack of features shouldn’t really turn you off. Yes we have all grown accustomed to devices coming laden with a whole lot of modern features but if you can get a system that does its basic job well, then it is mission accomplished. It has no flashy feautres and it most certainly does not have a USB output. What it lacks for in flash, it makes up for it in the quality of components used. The manufacturers say that instead of driving up the price by building in flashy feautres, they decided to drive up the cost by using high quality components. The flywheel platter increases stability, the cartridge and motor reduce vibration sounds to a minimu, the special tonearm provides greater precision. It seems as if this is an all-start team of components brought together to play music and play it better than any other competitor.

TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable

This device comes with a very attractive design and many options of colors. It is not just a very quirky device but also provides great performance as well. The built-in phono preamp and the delt drive make for a powerful combination that delivers quality sound. The special cartridges in use make it an accurate provider of audio and you will surely not be disappointed. The aluminum platter and the DC motor ensures toughness and provide the device with reliable strength. The USB output functionality allows you to convert your files into digital and greater computer compatibility is also available. The price is a meager $400, definitely a bargain!

Onkyo CP-1050

Last updated on May 4, 2021 6:14 am

The classy machine is great at reducing vibration and other unfriendly sounds. The direct drive system works with the low torque motor which makes it a low noise system and much user-friendly as well. Not just this but the slip mat and aluminum platter ensure that the only sounds you hear coming out of the device are the relevant ones. All background noise, scratches and other unfriendly sounds are blocked in order to provide only the best experience. This is one of the quietest machines out there and while some may say the platter is too light and the tonearm unstable, it should not concern you if you are a casual listener who is happy with a decent musical experience. If you are particular about your music, this device may not be your cup of tea. If you are looking for a quiet machine, a great design, and a quietly operating mechanism, this is the thing to go for.

Audio Technica AT-LP1240

Yes, it can be used by a newbie and an amateur and you don’t have to be a professional DJ to use this device. It can be used at home just as well as on raves. The machine has a great, attractive design which really makes it look futuristic. It has features that will please both a professional DJ and a casual fan. The aluminum platter and the slip mat are a great addition to the machine as they ensure smooth audio and little background noise. The direct drive motor allows for all three speeds to be accommodated. It has many modern features, e.g USB output and mac & PC compatibility which makes it easy to use. There is no doubt that you will enjoy this device and it will not disappoint you.

The turntables are all doing a great service to the music lovers, and are being credited for trying to bring back the analog era. Some provide Simplicity while others provide a wide array of futures, still, others provide great sound quality. Our list will provide you with a lot of quality information and will definitely help you decide which sort of turntable will suit you the best and how much will you have to pay up for it. We advise you to decide the best turntable that suits your need rather than looking at the price, as the price is never a substitute for quality.