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Best Studio Monitors Under 500

Best Studio Monitors Under 500

If you are the kind of musician for whom money is no object but they would still like to spend their money wisely rather than just splashing it all away without thinking, then this list of the best studio monitor under 1000 is for you. Remember the golden rule; High prices don’t necessarily mean high quality. Thus it must be understood that while there are many high priced machines in the market, you can be easily fooled into thinking that a certain machine is what you need just because it is glossier or has sexier functionality.

In this list, we will give you some of the best studio monitors for the money. It will guide you regarding the balance that needs to be struck between affordability and quality. Bargains aren’t necessarily a bad thing!

These are the Best Studio Monitors Under $500:


While most studio monitors are drab-looking machines that deal with the serious end of the business, the Rokit 6 does not take itself as seriously. The funky outlook makes it stand out – in fact, it is so great it should be used as a decoration piece, but more of that later! The Rokit 6 has a soft dome tweeter and only 35 kHz of power paving the way for even greater sound quality. The users can also adjust frequencies to listen to music better. There is little distortion so that the projection of sound is done as accurately as possible. Lastly, again this is one of the funniest pieces of equipment to hold in your office – a gentle remember to take things lightly!

M-Audio BX8 D2

 If you are looking for a professional monitor that gets the job done without too much flash or distractions, this is the machine for you. The M-Audio is a wonderfully built machine that has high functionality and offers great quality. Its low-frequency transducers provide high-quality projections of your music – the harmony achieved with the silk dome tweeters is also wonderful. The machine has achieved the ability to provide great sound AND accurate projection. The equipment is also magnetically shielded so the listener does not have to suffer through any white noise or static which can ruin any experience. The BX-8 is a great choice for a professional who wants high quality but only at the right price.

Mackie MR5MK2

 These studio monitors are a two-in-one package. They can be used to monitor audio and create music but they can also be used casually just to listen to your favorite songs. It also has acoustic controls with providing the musician with independence with regard to his music. This machine delivers high-quality sound at all volumes and it is this ability that has made it a hot favorite among the international brands.

Presonus Eris E8

It comes with adjustable acoustics, which basically means that you have the power to change the tone of the song without any major changes. Studio Monitors are for the ease of musicians, not to focus their own opinion upon the musician. The Studio Monitor can deliver top quality music in a much shorter time and will make tasks easier for you. The studio monitors’ adaptability to a wide array of circumstances is what helps it be a class apart.

JBL Pro LSR308

The JBL is one of those machines that provide the rawest experience of sound in its output. The sound is so marvelous that it has helped JBL win numerous accolades all over the world. The sound produced is undistorted, untouched and wonderfully pure. The fact that there both low and high-frequency transducers fitted in the machine, it is natural that highly accurate projection of music is made. Apart from accuracy, the sound itself is very rich and real. All these qualities and add the $450 price which makes this monitor the finest in industry.

Yamaha HS5

 These monitors are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Whoever said beauty is only skin deep did not know about the Yamaha HS5. With a beautiful exterior, the monitors capture the attention of the audience, with high-performance components like 5 cone woofer and dome tweeter, the machine delivers a sound quality unparalleled by its rivals. The clear and accurate projection of music is what every musician desires and that is exactly what this set-up delivers.

Seismic Audio | Spectra-8P-Pair2-Way

 These studio monitors can double as an alternate music system for parties. Not only is it very well-equipped but it is also often seen at the hippest parties in town. The exterior is bright and cheerful while the speakers peak at 190 watts each. The components allow the machine to produce a truly magnificent sound that is rarely heard in this part of the country. This system is not just to be left in the recording room, but that it may also be taken to parties where it can become the energy by playing the hottest tracks out there right now.

Fostex PM0.5D-B 

While it does not have much to make it stand apart among a barrage of products, the Fostex PM is most certainly a well-equipped machine that is willing and able to take on a number of challenges without ever faltering. There are the usual prerequisites such as magnetic shield, bi-amplified power, and tweeters. This machine is a symbol of the heavy-duty power but it does not overdo the act either.


It is good to see that musicians have begun to spend big bucks to save music. Not just this, but there is also greater knowledge about computer systems thanks to the fact that information is so widely and easily available. One must also remember that while money may not be an object, one must consider it usage carefully to avoid it being wasted.