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Best Studio Monitors Under 300

Best Studio Monitors Under 300

Which is the Best Studio Monitors Under $300?

Musicians don’t have it easy! They have to have some natural talent, then they have to work at it for years until they develop into someone who can understand and deliver quality music. Then, there has to be some inspiration, a stroke of genius or maybe even luck to bring together that special piece of music that takes one to the greatest heights.

Not just this, but you also need quality equipment and that doesn’t come cheap at all. You have to go from one wretched shop to another, haggle with one dealer to another until you come across the ideal piece of equipment that will aid you in creating the music that will take you to the top. However, we like to cut the crap – and therefore we bring you all the research you need right to your doorsteps. One of the foremost pieces of equipment you’ll need involves hearing your music properly. Sure, it seems like a no brainer but getting the right equipment is not easy. You need to know what makes for crisp sound and what equipment is overpriced. Here we take a look at some of the best deals.

These are the Best Studio Monitors Under $300:

JBL LSR305 Dual

There are some machines that provide good sound in some rooms but not in others. JBL was made keeping in mind the importance of consistency. Its components allow the same sound to be output no matter what the room may be. You will also notice the sound to be far deeper, and it carries in any room. The music maker who likes to test their sound in different environments will be pleased to get a hold of this system

Behringer Truth B1030A Dual

While high price may not always result in high quality, sometimes, low price can deliver high quality. This is true for the Behringer. It has such a great construction it is almost unbelievable; Silk dome tweeters coupled with long-throw woofers. The result is absolutely magical – crisp sound that takes your music to the next level. It is so great that paying such a low price for it feels almost unfair.

KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5th Gen

While making this system, there was only one thing in the creators’ mind – to build a system that provides the most accurate imaging and the highest quality of sound. The KRK is a high-precision machine, it has all the makings of a super-expensive set except that it is not, in fact – it is very much affordable. There are bi-amped speakers and soft-dome tweeters which reduce distortion and interference resulting in a high quality sound output.

Presonus Eris E5 Dual

What I am about to tell you may cause you to shrug me away, or may make you wonder why this bombastic machinery is not priced more, but it is true that the Presonus is THAT good. It has acoustic port woofers that output some top quality sound. The machine maintains the delicate balance between bass, treble and mids, making the sound sweet and not harsh. The exterior is good too and there is nothing you could hate about this system – and that isn’t us praising the system, it’s the thousands of pleasantly surprised users.

Pyle-Pro PSTUDIO6 

There are very products in the market that keep their costs low despite having all the high performance components. This is one such example. Multi frequency filters are available in this system which allows for more accurate tweaking of the sound. There has forever been a tradeoff between great quality and high accuracy. Now, that trade-off has been removed thanks to the quality product on offer here. There are also the silk dome tweeters and glass fiber cone which make the system a high functioning one. Finally, this has to be the most protected machine of all. It has magnetic shielding, thermal protection and output current limiting which keeps your sound secure and unharmed.

Seismic Audio | FL-12MP Dual

This particular system is especially preferred for the variety of uses it has outside of the recording room. It can be used to relay sound over a large area and in different settings. The output could range between 300 watts to 600 watts. The great sound it puts out is a major hit among the listeners, who regard it as a powerful machine that knows its stuff. Some musicians would still say that it does not provide as accurate a picture of the music as others, but as far as listening is considered, the sound quality couldn’t ever be better.

Pair of Tannoy Reveal 402

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 In a lot of cases, music equipment can restrict you. It can kill your creativity rather than boosting it, and therefore many musicians are wary of their equipment. However, the Tannoy is different. It provides a lot of room for customization, tweaking and variations so that you can have the music the way you want it to be. It is equipped with bi-amp speakers that strike a balance between volume and clarity. The system provides high volumes if you want, without ever hurting your clarity. There are input tweaking buttons which allow you to adjust for your requirements. The HF trim control makes you tweak sound quality and leaves you incharge solely of the music. Finally, it is also very much portable and can be carried almost wherever you want to take it – especially useful for the music who finds inspiration in the wilderness.

Seismic Audio | Spectra-6P Dual

This rather undiscovered machine is a well-kept secret in the world of studio monitors. It is not as powerful as other competitors but that is only because it focuses on quality and accuracy which is a must for studio purposes. Output power can range between 75 and 150 watts and that is quite a lot given the accuracy on offer here. Easy to carry around and set up, the system is easily usable not just in the studio but in other settings as well where required.


If one knows where to look, they are sure to find many quality options that can be used to achieve the purposes. Price doesn’t always mean quality and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to know what you want because only then you can judge the items on offer. There are many price options in the market but too often they only provide additional functions that serve no purpose to the buyer who only needs one or two functions. Therefore one must bear this factor in mind as well. One should always focus on quality but that doesn’t mean mindlessly spending on something when it is not worth it. Be careful and get good value for money – cheaper solutions are always less efficient or any worse than other options.