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Best Studio Monitors Under 200

Best Studio Monitors Under 200

Which are the Best Studio Monitors Under 200 dollars?

Life of an upcoming musician is hard, not only do you have to create music but you also have to listen to it, again and again, to search for potential areas of improvement. You may think your job is done once you have made the next big piece of music, but there is always room for improvement. To search for such improvements you need the right equipment and an important part of that equipment is the studio monitor. Let us take a look at some great yet economical best studio monitor under 200 recommendations.

These are the Best Studio Monitors Under 200 dollars:

Alesis Elevate

A lot of people think that this machine is only good for playing audio at a shorter distance, but quite surprisingly, it can work at long distance as well. Many are surprised by its ability to reach higher volume levels than its counterparts, and while this is often a good thing, sometimes it can get really out of hands and therefore that is one of its drawbacks. However, apart from this fault, this machine is absolutely wonderful and so is its price – $150.

Mackie CR-4

This is one of the most versatile equipments available. It has a great exterior, looks magnificent sitting there in your studio, it also is a high-performance machine which can work over a range of frequencies. You can work at low volume levels without compromising the quality of your product. With all this, the Mackie is sure to take its’ users’ breath away. What is even better is the price that it comes at – absolutely brilliant!

Behringer Digital

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The Behringer is currently the well-equipped machine in its price range. It boasts of a little too many functions which make it worth every single cent of the money that you will spend on this machine. Apart from powerful woofers and tweeters that are a prerequisite for a high-quality machine, it also has optical and coaxial inputs to connect to digital sources, 20-watt amplifiers, and there is even magnetic shielding to protect the sound from interference. It is hard to believe that such a machine exists in a market where even a few features cost hundreds of additional bucks.

Presonus Eris

Size doesn’t always matter, as this beautiful instrument proves. Only 6.42 inches long, the Presonus produces a performance that gives most other equipment a run for their money. The silk dome and Kevlar transducers go great together, resulting in high-quality sound. Not just for music production, this instrument can be used as speakers when the need is, making it an all-rounder in purpose.

M-Audio AV 42

They say looks are deceiving and it is certainly true for this machine. It may be the glossy, flashy monster on the outside but is actually one of the most quite performers in its league – hell, it even allows you to connect your earphones so that you may work in private without bothering anyone else. It has that crystal clear quality which allows you to actually listen to your music. The polypropylene woofers work with silk cone tweeters to capture all the highs and lows of your music while the 20-watt channel reduces resonance. With so much of this equipment focusing on high quality, it seems like this would have been a high-priced machine but voila – it’s economical for even the garage band/struggling musician.


So now that you have all this knowledge, we are sure it won’t be difficult for you to decide what sort of a system you want. The objective of purchase should be to get a machine that will relay your sound crisply without any distortion, therefore enabling you to understand the areas of music where you could improve. The equipment should reflect your hard work, rather than hiding it or confusing you about the quality of whatever you produce!