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Best Studio Monitors Under 1000

Best Studio Monitors Under 1000

Which are the Best Studio Monitors Under $1000?

Life is all about priorities, about making decisions that affect you in the long run and living with the consequences of the choices you make. My apologies for sounding so grave, but for many of us, saving up for our favorite musical instruments is just as serious a matter. We save up for months, we avoid going out, we avoid buying new clothes – all to save up enough to get the best machine in the market. However, despite so much of hardwork, we sometimes end up making the wrong decision. To help with that, we did some research for you. The equipment in the discussion here is the Studio Monitor that is essential to produce high-quality music. Let us take a look at some of the best studio monitors under 1000 that you hard earned money deserves.

These are the Best Studio Monitors Under $1000:

Seismic Audio | PWS-15 

Simple on the outside but heavy duty on the inside – this is what most aptly describes these powerful monitors. The PWS-15 is a reliable and trusted friend to many music-makers. Its fans recall the years of service this machine has loyally provided and how many great pieces of music were made by its help. The simplicity is not just on the surface, this machine is actually very simple to use and is a hit among experts and amateurs alike. Operating at 600 watts, the speakers bring enormous power to the table. While some worry about how the musician loses control of the audio at such high levels, the manufacturers designed it in such a way to avoid that problem as well. The machine comes with many buttons and dials that will allow you to control the audio as you please. Relaying high-quality sound in a variety of settings, the PWS 15 is used in many situations, whether it be home entertainment or karaoke. The versatility of these speakers is unmatched and that is what makes it a well-loved piece of equipment.

 Fostex PX-6 Pro

For the music enthusiast in us, it was hard to believe that such a magnificent piece of equipment could come so cheap. Yes, it costs $900 but it is still a bargain in my view. If you are aware of the better components in the market and take a look at what the PX-6 comprises of, you will understand my point of view. It contains 6.5-inch woofers and fiber dome tweeter, both of which are outstanding cogs in well-performing machinery. The comprehensive volume control fixed in this machine provides the musician with a lot of control over their music. There is also an auto-standby function present in this system, thus saving your money by not wasting too much electricity – talk about the complete package!

Adam Audio A3X Dual

Think modernistic science fiction movie and an inside view of the Google X labs, and you are able to imagine the design of the machine even if you have never seen it. The exterior looks like something from the future, but strong looks aren’t the only thing that these monitors offer. The magnificent part of the design is that the monitor does not take too much space, it can be fitted anywhere in your studio. A lot of the times, a small monitor means compromising on sound quality but that is not the case here. With a 50Hz to the 60kHz range, these monitors can perform in any condition and still deliver the highest quality of output imaginable. If you are looking to create an unforgettable piece of music, and look cool while doing it, this equipment is what you need.

Adam F5 Ribbon Dual

The cheapest item in the list, and it comes in pairs so you can relax, no need to buy two of them. Being affordable as it is, many were led to think that it may perform to a lower notch than others – but boy could you be more wrong. The experience these monitors provide is second to none and is sure to please you and make you realize that there are somethings money cannot buy. Seldom has a machine reached such levels of clarity and precision. Making music could not have been easier. What is even better is that these monitors are multipurpose and if you are into listening to music at high volumes, that is even better. So if you want a serious set for some highly productive music making session, or even if you are just looking for a system that relays great sound as you chill with your friends, this is the system made just for you.

M-Audio M3-8 3-Way

Please note that this machine is sold solo so in order to have a pair, you’ll have to buy two of them. Not to worry, a single unit is priced at $350 so it is not as expensive, especially once you consider all the things it has to offer. The most important selling point of this machine is its ability to provide clear sound at all power levels. No longer do you have to worry about losing sound quality while trying to achieve accuracy. While it may be compact in size, its performance is heavier than many in its league. It has midrange drivers to deliver powerful sound which you may not get elsewhere.

Yamaha HS8 Dual

If you are looking for pieces of art to decorate your studio, the Yamaha HS8 would be a great choice. Coincidentally, it can also assist in making music. Arguably the best when it comes to good looks, the HS8 is also a very powerful machine. With 8-inch cone woofers and dome tweeters, these babies are ready to relay even the slightest variation in your audio, allowing you to create great music. The system is bi-amplified and what is even better is that it comes with many switches, all of which allow you to control the sound output in whatever environment you may be in. With this machine, the size of the room or any such factors do not play a role and you can create great music without being affected by any such thing. These classy monitors are everything you need to be the next great musician, and that too at a very economical price!

KRK Rokit Powered 10-3 Dual

Nothing lasts forever, unless it’s a KRK Rokit machine. This bombastic piece of mechanical masterpiece delivers as powerful a performance as is expected from it. Although bulky and huge in size, these monitors provide sufficient functionality to meet all your musical needs. The most important thing to look for while buying a monitor is its ability to deliver crystal clear sound – and the Rokit does it very well indeed. The machine is built to provide great sound so that the musical genius in you doesn’t miss a beat. It is carefully designed with curves on the exterior to ensure that distortion is minimized. With maximum functionality and a very attractive exterior, these monitors are the perfect package for all your heavy-duty needs.


Now, by the end of this list, I am sure you will have set your mind on the speaker you want and even if you haven’t done so already, you are much better equipped to deal with the mind boggling intricacies of the market which leave many fazed and dazed.

Surely you have saved for many months, and once you finally get that equipment, you will be able to create great music and become the star of tomorrow, and then you can realize all your dreams. Just bear one thing in mind; don’t just go for what ‘sounds’ better but go for the speaker that provides the greatest accuracy. After all, you are not organizing a concert but creating ever-lasting music.