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Best Bookshelf Speaker under 200

Best Bookshelf Speaker under 200

Which is the Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200?

Every single one of us has different taste in almost all of the things in this world. Every individual has his own hobbies, passion, and interests; while some of them read books, others tend to enjoy cooking. Some of us are more than just an enthusiast when it comes to listening to music, watching a movie, and/or playing video games. The only factor that is common amongst the three tasks is the sound. Below is the list of audio devices/systems that will not just enhance your listening experience, but would also be just within the limits of your budget:

These are the Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200:


Sony is a well-trusted brand that is known to manufacture electronics that is not so inexpensive. But it has really revisited its competitive strategy in regards to the cost while making these speakers. With the height of approximately 21″ inches and with approximately 14 pounds of weight; the purpose of these speakers is to provide the exceptional sound quality and better listening experience. Not to forget the beautiful and stylish black exterior of SS-B3000, the sound delivery is more than mediocre. It comes with a large 8″ Kevlar Woofer along with fine-balanced dome tweeter of an inch. These are the three-way speakers that satisfy all the aspects of sound delivery, clear audio quality, and immersive full-ranged listening experience.


You can call this model a technological wonder, especially considering the price range as well as the features. Yamaha is the brand that not only manufactures products like Piano and Guitars but also has presented the NS-6490 on the map of the audio world. It features a black-finish body with a height of 16.2″ that stands tall against all the competitive products. What makes it complete is its beauty with the best existing features that includes four speakers in one package. The package also includes high-compliance cone woofers of 8″; and ferrofluid-cooled cone mid-ranges of 4″. Not only this, but it also comes with 7/8″ balance-dome tweeters. These speakers are specifically designed with magnetic shield, in order to be placed near computers and/or TV. With all these features, the product aims to provide you with the best listening experience.


Ranked as number 3, the BIC America DV62S1 is a great combination of style and quality. These speakers are designed to function best for the audiophiles who would wish to have their personal home-theater feel. It comes with a stylish black body that is approximately 14.8″ in height, which will get along with any home décor. These are designed to produce excellent music irrespective of the genre you select, be it rock strong or smooth as jazz. In addition to this, the device comes with large 6.5″ poly/graphite woofers that produce sound with deep and powerful bass. Moreover, the ¾” poly dome tweeters are placed to yield high-frequency output. When combined, all these features work great to deliver you the sound experience that is unforgettable.


This product fully justifies its brand name with high-quality sound and audio delivery. In addition to the fact that this one is designed by Andrew Jones himself, the product also bears the greatest of features and components. Not like any other traditional box-shaped speakers, these are curved-cabinet shaped that not only complies with the home décor but also tend to yield better sound delivery. It comes with 6-element complex crossover, along with the inspiring tweeter and woofer. This means it provides dynamic audio with low and high-frequency sounds, which provides you with full-ranged and immersive sound quality.


The JBL ES20 is a sleek and stylish black veneer that comes in size of 8″ in depth, 6.9″ of height and 12.5″ of length. These beautiful speakers can be adjusted anywhere and have the potential to add beauty to any room, specifically the ones that are small. Just as much as its compact design is impressive, the output features are also equally remarkable. It comes with the EOS (Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal) waveguides, which are installed to provide you sound that is not only crystal clear but also well-balanced. These little speakers will not fail to impress you with an enriched listening environment, as they are equipped with the latest SSP Design (Straight-line Signal Path). It yields sound with the most precise detail and three-way configuration of low, mid and high-frequency sound.


One of the tiniest speakers available in the market, SONOS Play: 1 comes in a body of 6.4” tall and 4.7” broad. These little speakers come with a variety of features accumulated in a body that fits in small rooms and delivers exceptional sound quality. Not only this, but it is also equipped with mid-range driver and a tweeter to produce high-definition and full-bodied sound. One of its best features includes wireless internet connection via WiFi which enables you to endlessly stream music for hours. It has a built-in Sonos app, allowing you to have full control over the device. Its diversity and compactness make it stand amongst the most recommended speakers.

Wolverion WIOS2

In general, the speakers are designed to fulfill the indoor listening purposes; which is why they are, in most cases, made compact and portable. But what if a person requires the same experience outdoors? This is a technically difficult task, as most of the speakers available in the market are wired, which makes it difficult to move around. Makers have identified this issue and introduced Wolverine WIOS2, which is designed to be compatible in both the environments, indoors and outdoors. Its compact size and water-resistibility ensure that it can easily be placed anywhere without creating much hassle. One of the best features it includes, is its transmitter’s range that enables music streaming endlessly. Even though the sound levels it yield are not as much power as produced by others in the list; but given its portability, the features and sound quality it offers is sufficient enough.

Klipsch KS-14 

A surround speaker is a must for those who love to watch movies. Even though there are many surround speakers available in the market, but they are costly and expensive. The KS-14 surround speaker is for anyone who is fanatic about watching movies or even obsessed with listening to music but has a limited budget. It is a masterpiece that comes in a black smooth finish that looks good in all types of room. One of the greatest features that bring it on the list is its latest state-of-the-art technology of Tractrix Horn. The technology produces enriched sound and smoother effects along with enhanced movie watching experience. The speakers include 1” tweeter and 4” high-output woofer that yield the most realistic and dynamic sounds. All you would have to take care of is that the front speakers attached are equally good in sound delivery.

How much quality can a $200 Bookshelf Speaker deliver?

You can easily divide different sound systems into three broad categories. Based on these categories, you can decide whether to bring a certain set of speakers home or to leave them aside.

The first category amongst the three refers to the quality of sound it produces. If you intend to make the best of use of speakers that you are buying for next couple of years, then you will have to ensure that the sound it produces is audible and does not sound like dying walrus. The sound must be crisp, clear and of excellent quality irrespective of the usage.


The second category is based on the body and design a speaker comes in. Not a single audiophile would recommend or buy a set of speakers that do not attract him and others visually. Moreover, he would not want his sound system to look cheap and inexpensive, even when it actually is. If the sound system is ugly, then you would end up in placing it somewhere where the sound quality is compromised. To sum it up, you will be stuck with a visually pathetic sound system with unbearable and tasteless quality of sound.

The third category is defined through the cost of the product. A sound system that does not only have visual appeal but also delivers exceptionally great sound tends to be expensive. So, if someone is looking out to buy a system with good looks and results, then he might have to spend an ample amount of money on that.

Don’t expect a $200 bookshelf speaker to sound like your local cinema

It is a known and common fact that all good speakers are expensive. It comes with no surprise that all the well-known and well-trusted brands tend to roll out electronic gadgets that are expensive. This has two basic reasons: one is that the company has its own brand name, and the other is that all the products they deliver are of high-quality. For those who aspire to be audiophiles should not worry much, as there are many alternative sound systems that cost within the range of $100 to $200. There are some systems that crosses the threshold of $300, while the other may even go beyond $500. However, the prices vary based on the appearance, quality and sound of the system.

One of the facts must be well-considered that not every speaker that comes within the price range of $200 is worth buying. Similar to what is believed about the high-quality-high-cost relation, buying cheap products also relate to buying products that are of low quality. However, the market is filled with numerous options that you would have to research before settling for a perfect sound system that matches your budget.

When Affordability meets Sound Quality

Sound plays an important role in almost all the entertainment activities, such as watching HD movies, playing games, and/or listening to music. The music and sound effects create environment that increases the pleasure of over-all experience. How boring would it be if the Crysis is played without sufficient and decent sound effects? All the movies require certain background scores that gives additional meaning to the storyline rather than just dialogues. Its significance can be felt by considering silent movies of previous era. Those movie had no dialogues spoken, but the music was there to make people understand the feelings of characters who appeared on the screen. Be it the action sequence, romantic scene, high speed chases or sad moments; music is what makes us relate to the emotions of the characters.

The sound effects and music create drama, which is why movies watched in a cinema tend to have a more pleasurable experience rather than watching at home. Most of the people prefer watching movies in cinema as it gives great surround sound and, of course, the big screen experience. However, the impact of sound can make one actually live the scene. This comes with a concern for those who cannot afford to watch movies in cinemas frequently. Well, the solution to this problem is the decent speakers that can easily be placed in their room shelves.

Final Verdict

The above-mentioned sound system speakers were amongst the best wireless/portable/bookshelf/ and surround sound devices that are available in the market. All of them fall under the category of below $200 pricing. Each and every product includes features that are best as compared to the other products of that same range and category. For instance, the body and design of Yamaha NS-6490 are composed in such a manner that it becomes portable and easy to transport and placed. Its black body blends it perfectly with any of the home décors. Apart from the dimensions, body, and design; the system also offers crystal-clear highs, powerful and rich lows, and crispier mids because it has 3-way configuration installed. Such features are what makes a cheap or inexpensive audio device, the best.

If you have made it this far, trust us with our Recommendation 

There are many different features that collaboratively make Sonos Play: 1 as the best wireless speaker; and Wolverine WIOS2 and Klipsch KS-14 as the best portable and surround sound system, respectively. All three systems have a common feature, and that is to deliver the most dynamic and powerful sound. These speakers ensure that the audio produced does not sound like old and rusty can. Other than this, all of them are user-friendly and portable. Not only do they possess attractive design elements, but despite their compact size, these speakers yield a sound that fully complies with the price paid.