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Best Bookshelf Speaker Under 100

Best Bookshelf Speaker Under 100

Which is the Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $100?

It has been observed that the electronic market has experienced a huge rise in terms of competition for a couple of decades. With over a hundred different audio companies existing in the recent era, the pressure of introducing innovative and newer devices on a constant basis has become a norm. Companies are also compelled to set a price that is not only profitable but also, competitive with the product pricing of its rivals.

This has also favored consumers, as they now have a diversified range of different devices and products to choose from. So a buyer getting confused about which loudspeaker to buy comes with no surprise. Before even considering the best option available in the category of affordable sound systems, let’s discuss a few bookshelf speakers. These are the ones that are marked as the top bookshelf speakers available in the market nowadays. What makes them more special is the price tag they carry, which is below $100.

These are the Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $100:

Dayton Audio B652

The beauty like Dayton Audio B652 is hard to come by and be placed on the last position in the given list. Even though the model deserves to be ranked higher than they are, there are certain factors that made it on the 5th place. As compared to the other speakers mentioned above, the B652 is considerably bigger in size; while all the others are compact and small, making it easier to carry them around. However, it comes with keyhole hangers, which you can use to mount them on the wall or just place it on the shelf. Since the speakers are bigger in size, it accumulates the woofer size of 6.5″. Although the sound it produces does not comply with the quality of the ones a $100 studio monitor’s pair would give. But it does contain 5/8″ polycarbonate tweeter which would not fail to impress you with its listening experience when combined with the woofer.

Infinity Primus P163

Infinity Primus P163 is one of the best speakers that are available in this category. However, the only drawback of these little beasts is that you need to buy a couple of those, which would cost approximately $150. Rest assured that the quality of sound they produce is more than just mediocre as the model managed to mark its position as number 3 in the list. The speaker body is of sleek black color, which manages to get adjusted in almost every room irrespective of the color theme. The technology used by this device is remarkable, and it is what makes the product different from others in the category. Moreover, it has patented MMD (Metal Matrix Diaphragm transducer which produces crystal clear sound by elimination the unwanted distortion and provides high-quality sound. Additionally, the sound it delivers tend to disperse across the room in a balanced form, all because of the tweeter installed in the speakers with the waveguides. What makes it more special is that it comes with the Plug and Play configuration.

Sony SS-1000

Who would have expected that a brand like Sony will offer gadgets and tech products that are not expensive? Well, Sony’s SS-1000 is a perfect example of beauty, excellence, and affordability. It encompasses all the beauty and detailed specifications with the latest and innovative technology installed. It is the tallest among the ones that are mentioned here, with the height measured as 18.9″. The sound it delivers is larger than life. The specifications include HOP cone woofer of 5.25″, pre-fitted in the body along with the 1″ nano-fine dome tweeter. It offers all sort of high and lows of frequency, complying perfectly with the dynamics of the sound. Since Sony has been known for releasing the best products in the market one after the other, it is highly unlikely that it would produce something that is not appreciated by all.

Micca MB42

The Micca MB42 is one of the best desktop speakers that you would come across in market nowadays, with a classic black body that would look great with the home décor. Not only does it provide good quality listening experience, but also boasts great sound technology that produces crystal clear sound with its 0.75″ silk dome tweeter. Other than this, the speakers contain drivers that deliver high-frequency output along with a 4″ carbon fiber woofer that yields audio with powerful and deep bass. The speakers are not just affordable, but are also compact in size; satisfying the need of audiophiles perfectly. Even though there are certain negative views regarding this product, however, no other product in this price range is potential enough to beat its quality output.

Polk Audio T15

The Polk Audio T15 is at the top of the list of top desktop speakers that comes under the price range of a hundred dollar. Even though these speakers are not among the smallest that are listed here, but the height measurement is 10.5″. The size and smooth black-finish design are perfect for just about any room. You can also mount these speakers on the wall with the help of the given keyhole slots. Not only this, but it is potential enough to challenge its competition with the drivers and quality of sound delivery. It comes with 5.25″ dynamic balance polymer composite woofers along with the 0.75″ Silk/Polymer composite tweeters. It produces mid-range sound with full-bodied precision of high and low frequencies, providing you the quality tone scale at the very convenience of your home.

Looking for More?

If you still wish to look around for speakers that are different from the ones mentioned above; then there are some other gems that you might want to consider buying:

X-mini KAI2 Portable Speaker

The X-mini KAI2 Portable Capsule Speaker is one of the tiniest speakers that you would come across with only around 2″ of size. However, irrespective of its size, the speaker comes with extra-ordinary features and wireless capsules that are available in 6 different colors, such as Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Blue and Gun Metal. You can also connect your media devices through Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to enjoy endless music without the hassle of wires. In order to improve the quality of conversation that you have with friends and family, it comes with the noise-canceling microphone that is installed within its body. With fascinating 18-hour battery life span, the speakers deliver good quality sound, impressive design, and convenient portability. It is a perfect companion for an audiophile while traveling.

Less expensive products are not always bad

It is a myth that only expensive electronics have the capability of delivering the best quality sound and exceptional outputs. There are numerous different electronic items that are available in the market, which does not only have remarkable quality but are so cost-effective that it might reduce world hunger. However, this is not the lesson learned easily. Most of the people get fooled and tricked into buying an expensive sound system that produces results that are almost the same. With many incidents that went horribly wrong, and with an ample amount of money wasted; it is not a common belief that every one of us must do intensive and extensive research before settling down for a sound system. After all, it is a matter of good quality time and a better listening experience.

How well does the loudspeaker under $100 perform when compared with higher budget bookshelf speakers?

Considering the features of Dayton B652 speakers, you might want to believe in the phrase that best things in life are free. However, it is not even deniable that all the awesome and most fascinating things are not cheap. Most of us believe, which is rather true, that a product tends to be good if it costs more. Similar is the rule that is applied in buying speakers; all the best speakers are expensive. For the ones that cost less than a hundred dollars are simple and does not offer much variety in terms of features or design. The quality of sound delivery of such speakers is a completely different story. The best-delivered output of these is just “Okay” with most of them sounding like screeched, which may not even worth buying.

Final Verdict

A person must always be thankful for all the things that are present in his life. It could be anything from a summer breeze to the sea waves, and from falling in love to counting the stars at night. One of the most amazing factors of these things is that they are free. It cannot be ignored that most of the things that we experience are free. However, when we consider fulfilling our materialistic needs; we may have to pay a price for that. For instance, consider an audiophile buying speakers. It would be his undying quest to find a speaker that does not only deliver the best sound quality but also fits into the budget. And especially, when the budget is restricted to the mark of $100, things tend to get complicated. This goes without saying that speakers are the most essential gadget required by hardcore gamers, movie enthusiasts and music lovers. In order to comply with this essentiality, the person must prepare himself prior to taking this wish to another phase. On one hand, buying a high-end sound system might be the cause of your budget failure. On the other hand, buying a low budget system that falls under the mark of $100 may require you to compromise on lesser features and quality.

Last but not least

Even though the rules mentioned above remain constant, however, all rules have their respective exceptions. There are certain sound systems in the market that are not only inexpensive and cheap but offer great design and unexceptional sound delivery. With the emergence of various companies in the electronic market, the number of different audio systems have increased. This system range in accordance to their prices, as well as according to their specification and body design. Some of these speakers tend to project exactly the same quality of sound that you would in any other expensive sound system. What it requires, is the intensive research before actually buying it.


Presenting the list mentioned above was not an easy task, as there was numerous other option available. The only reason for selecting these five over others is that their output sound quality is exceptionally better than the ones that were of price range just below $200. Not only they are available in a different color, sizes and design; but the sound quality they produce is high, rich and clear. They are ideal for an audiophile who has a restrained budget.

Can’t make up your mind as yet? Then follow our lead and Check out the Sony SS-1000

The above-presented list is the compilation of the best and most cheap desktop speakers that are designed specifically to meet your needs. The purpose of this list is to summarize everything and help you in selecting for the speakers that suit your needs the most. Amongst all, Polk Audio T15 is the one with the most impressive and fascinating sound quality and elegant design.